Latin Root-A-Week => DICT #1

There are at least 72 key Latin roots. Use these words containing the Latin root in your weekly conversations and written assignments. The Latin root DICT means "speak, declare." Three DICT root activities are listed below. Visit the Root Word Lesson Plans for 21 roots from the header above.

Word List: In this list of 16 vocabulary words using the Latin root DICT, find the 12 words that are the correct answers for the interactive puzzles: abdicate, addicted, contradiction, dedicate, dedication, dictatorial, dictatorship, dictionary, edict, indicate, indictment, jurisdiction, predicament, predicate, prediction, verdict

The additional word list below, using the Latin root DICT, can be used for studying SAT and ACT test prep vocabulary words: addiction, adjudicate, benediction, condition, contradict, dictation, dictatorial, diction, dictum, ditto, indication, indices, indicative, indictable, interdict, judicial, judicious, malediction, predicament, predict, prejudicial, valedictorian, valediction, vindicate, vindication, vindictive