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June-Summer 2018 Newsletter

JUNE and SUMMER 2018 Activities:
Summer Vacation Puzzles, Zoos & Aquariums, Weddings, World Cup Soccer, SAT/ACT Test Prep
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Vocabulary activities list CCSS.ELA-Literacy Alignment Strand Numbers by grades.
These free resources of vocabulary lists and fill-in-the-blank activities from 160 novels.
  • Summer Vacations puzzles and Word List for Vacations (594)
  • 160 novels including 14 Shakespeare plays with vocabulary provided.

    Enjoy vocabulary puzzles and word lists. Learn about animal habitats and conservation.
  • Animals and their habitats
  • Photography Study and Photography Word List (274)
  • Oceans & Maritime Puzzles and Word List (306)
  • Tropical Rain Forests Puzzles and Word List (392)

  • Celebrate Weddings and Love Word List (322)

  • Visit Flower Gardening Puzzles and Word List (424) plus,
    discover Specific Flowers and their meanings.

  • Listen to Summer Music Concerts and a Music Word List (366)

  • (4) FATHER'S DAY and WORLD CUP SOCCER word lists.
  • Enjoy Father's Day Word List and World Cup Word List.

  • (5) SAT and ACT Test Prep Study 2018
    ACT test dates July 14, Sept 8 and Oct 27; SAT test dates Aug 25, Oct 6 and Nov 3.

    Encourage early preparation! Use these MyVocabulary 16 Test Prep sessions.
    Each has at least 5 different puzzles (Interactive Puzzle, Fill-in-Blanks, Definition Match, Crossword, Word Search, True or False.)

    Celebrate July 4th, Independence Day Week, with 4th of July Puzzles & extensive Word List.
  • Revisit the 100 themed/academic subject puzzle categories & over 730 word lists
  • includes Common Core Standards Alignment Link on ALL puzzles

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