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November-December 2018 Newsletter

NOVEMBER + DECEMBER 2018 Activities:
Thanksgiving, Photography, Christmas & Holiday Word Lists & Geography
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(1) Thanksgiving Day, Nov 22nd - 6 puzzle activities and vocabulary list of 255 words
  • Photography and Family Gatherings - 6 word puzzles and word lists
  • Geography Awareness Month - 7 interactive vocabulary puzzles and word list
  • Geography Word List (297) and Oceans, Antarctica & Nature
  • Oceans and Marine - 5 vocabulary puzzles and a word list

  • (2) Christmas & Holiday Traditions - 6 puzzle activities, list of 355 words
  • Christmas Trivia - What did the Grinch steal? Names of the 8 reindeer, etc.
  • Christmas Scavenger Hunt Ideas and Word List
  • Hanukkah, from Dec 2nd - Dec 10th and word list
  • Holiday Music - 3 puzzles plus a vocabulary word list

  • (3) Veterans' Day, Nov 11th - 4 puzzle activities, list of 327 words

    (4) Visit MyVocabulary content with:
    95 academic subject puzzle categories and 165 recommended novels
    Use MyVocabulary's 740 vocabulary Word Lists HERE
  • includes Common Core Standards Alignment Link on ALL puzzles

  • DECEMBER - Important dates with PUZZLE ACTIVITIES and WORD LISTS:
    Dec 7th - Remember Pearl Harbor
    Dec-Jan 2019 Football Season - College Bowls & NFL Playoffs
    Dec 15th - Bill of Rights Day with Amendments listed
    Dec 17th - Wright Bros. First Flight, 12/17/1903 - 3 word puzzles & Aviation word list
    SAT & ACT Test Prep - 252 words in 90 vocabulary puzzles
    SAT test dates: 12/1/18 and 3/9/19
    ACT test dates: 12/8/18, 2/9/19 and 4/13/19
    Use 740 vocabulary Word Lists HERE

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