Pearl Harbor Vocabulary Word List (192)

A)Account, Accountable, Action, Admiral, Aftermath, Airplane, Alert, Ammunition, Anchored, Armor-piercing, Atrocity, Attack
B)Battleship, Blessing, Blow, Bomber, Boost, Breach
C)Carrier, Casualty, Circumstances, Commander, Commemorate, Consequences, Country, Crew, Crippling, Cry
D)Damage, Damage, Darkness, Deck, Declaration, Dedication, Defeat, Defenses, Depth charge, Destroy, Destroyer, Destruction, Devastation, Diplomat, Disabled, Disclosure, Dismissed, Dispatch, Documentation, Duty
E)Efforts, Embargo, Enemy, Enlisted, Entomb, Evacuate, Event, Eventful, Evidence, Explosion
F)Fiery, Fire, Fleet, Focus, Following, Forces, Fury
G)General, Grief
H)Harbor, Hawaii, Heroes, Heroic, Historic, Historical, Honor, Horrific
I)Ill-fated, Ills, Immediate, Imperialists, Inattentive, Incredible, Infamy, Inform, Information, Injuries, Installation, Invade, Investigations
J)Japan, Japanese, Justice
K)Killed, Killing, Kimmel
L)Launch, Loss
M)Marines, Memorial, Memories, Men, Military, Mission, Monument, Morale
N)Nautical, Naval, Navigation, Negotiate
O)Oahu, Observer, Officer, Operation, Opposition, Outrage
P)Pacific, Past, Patriotism, Pearl Harbor, Perish, Plane, Prayer, President F.D. Roosevelt, Pride
Q)Quantity, Quell, Query, Quick
R)Radar, Raid, Rally, Reactions, Recognition, Recollection, Remember, Remembrance, Repair, Rescue, Response
S)Sabotage, Sacrifice, Sailors, Salute, Sank, Sear, Seize, Senseless, Service, Severe, Shock, Shogun, Silence, Sinking, Skies, Sneak, Sorrow, Squadron, Stealth, Strength, Strike, Struggle, Submerge, Sudden, Surprise, Survive, Survivor, System
T)Target, Torpedo, Tragedy, Transgression, Treaty, Tribute
U)Unexpected, Unit, Unleashed, Unprecedented, US Pacific Fleet, USS Arizona, USS California, USS Oklahoma, USS West Virginia
V)Vessel, Veteran, Vigil
W)War, Water, Woe, World War II, Wounds
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Pearl Harbor Dec. 7, 1941
Some general statistics from
360 Japanese airplanes attacked
18 sunken or very damaged ships
170 airplanes were destroyed
Approximately 3,700 men and women lost their lives or were wounded.

Identify these men and what was their role in HI and in Pearl Harbor?
1. Admiral Husband E. Kimmel,
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