SAT Test Prep

12 lesson plans include 252 SAT and ACT test words. The first 10 lesson plans each use 18 words. SAT Test 9 and 10 focus on international words and science. SAT Test 11 and 12 contain an additional 72 words and are in the second list below. 

NOTE: Each SAT and ACT lesson plan includes the interactive word puzzles, a crossword, a definition match, a word search and fill-in- the-blank activities. Test names and other trademarks are the property of the respective trademark holders. None of the trademarks are affiliated with Vocabulary University® or localhost/vocabulary. 

252 SAT words from lesson plans 1-12 are listed below in two separate word lists:

A: abject, abstract, acrimonious, acumen, aesthetic, aficionado, affinity, affluence, alacrity, alchemy, ambiance, analogous, apathy, arbitrary, avatar, B: benevolent, bourgeois, C: candid, capricious, chaparral, clairvoyant, chicanery, cognizant, cognoscente, complacent, (-25-) compulsory, conciliatory, conjecture, connoisseur, conspicuous, D: deleterious, destitute, deviate, devious, diligent, dilettante, discernible, disdain, disparage, disseminate, diverse, dogmatic, E: eccentric, embryonic, emulate, enigma, entomologist, epiphany, erudite, expedite, (-50-) exonerate, extricate, F: facetious, fallacious, fortuitous, futile, G: gratuitous, H: hackneyed, homogeneous, I: imbroglio, impeccable, impervious, impetuous, incessant, incorrigible, indefatigable, indifferent, Indigenous, indolent, incognito, industrious, inevitable, innocuous, inquisitive, insatiable, (-75-) insecticide, insidious, integrity, iridescent, J: jocular, judicious, juggernaut, junta, K: kindle, kinetic, L: larvae, lethargy, loquacious, ludicrous, lugubrious, M: malaise, metamorphosis, meticulous, mitigate, morose, mundane, N: nemesis, nihilism, nirvana, nocturnal, (-100-) novice, O: obscure, obsequious, oscillate, ostensible, ostentatious, P: palpable, pandemonium, paradigm, peccadillo, penitent, pertinent, plausible, pollinate, precipitous, precocious, prerogative, prevaricate, proboscis, propensity, provocative, Q: quarantine, querulous, quiescent, R: raconteur, (-125-) ramification, rapacious, recant, recalcitrant, reclusive, recrimination, rectify, redolent, redundant, refutable, regressive, relegate, relinquish, remonstrate, reparation, replenish, repose, reprehensible, repudiate, requisite, resilient, resolute, reticent, reverence, rigorous, (-150-) rudimentary, S: sanguine, scrutinize, sedentary, soporific, spontaneous, squander, stringent, subterranean, succinct, superficial, surreptitious, T: terse, theoretical, trepidation, truncate, U: ubiquitous, unctuous, unobtrusive, unscrupulous, V: vacuous, vignette, vindictive, virtuoso, virulent, W: wanton, X: xenophile, Z: zenith (-180-)

72 WORDS from SAT Test #11 and #12:

A: affectation, alkaline, apocalypse, apostate, auspices, autonomy, B: boreal, brogue, C: carnage, chatelaine, clathrate, cognitive, cryptic, D: denigrate, dilettante, disquisition, draconian, E: efficacy, elan, expatriate, F: facile, feckless, fez, fiasco, fissionable, founder, G: gyre, H hegemony, hermeneutics, I: insolvency, indigenous, inhibitory, inscrutable, insurgency, interstices, inviolable, L: lattice, litigious, littoral, M: malleable, manifestation, manse, myriad, O: oblique, oxymoron, P: pas de deux, pelagic, Pentecostal, philander, pietism, pique, placebo, polity, postmodern, pretext, proliferation, promulgate, pseudonym, R: rapprochement, reactionary, relegate, renounce, resonate, revitalize, S: servile, sophistry, stymie, substrate, T: template, W: wrought,

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