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Vocabulary Word List: 52 Words: Abrasion, Alluvial, Archipelago, Atmosphere, Bayou, Butte, Canyon, Cartography, Continent, Eluvial, Equator, Equatorial, Erosion, Exploration, Geological, Glacial, Glacier, Globe, Gravitation, Harbor, Hemisphere, Isthmus, Latitude, Longitude, Meander, Meridian, Mesa, Migrate, Mountains, Peninsula, Permafrost, Permafrost, Permeable, Piedmont, Piedmont, Planet, Polar, Rain Forest, Reclamation, Reservoir, Rivers, Rotation, Saturation, Sediment, Solar, Stratosphere, Swamp, Terrain, Territory, Topography, Tributary, Tropical, Volcano

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Vocabulary Word List for Geography (317)

  • A)

    Abrasion, Abundance, Acre, Adaptation, Aeration, Agriculture, Alluvial, Altitude, Annual, Anthropology, Arable, Archeology, Archipelago, Arid, Atlas, Atmosphere, Atoll, Australia, Axis, Azimuth

  • B)

    Badlands, Barren, Barrier reef, Basin, Bayou, Belt, Belvedere, Berm, Bluff, Bog, Border, Boundary, Bowl, Butte

  • C)

    Caldera, Canal, Canyon, Cape, Cardinal points, Cartographer, Cartography, Cascade, Cavern, Cay, Celestial, Change, Channel, Chaparral, Chasm, Circulation, Circumnavigate, Civilization, Classification, Cliff, Climate, Clippings, Cluster, Coast, Community, Compass, Compost, Condensation, Conditions, Coniferous, Conservation, Continent, Continental divide, Contour, Coordinate, Copse, Crag, Crater, Creek, Crevasse, Crevice, Cuesta, Cultivate, Current, Cuttings, Cycles

  • D)

    Dam, Damage, Deciduous, Decomposition, Decoration, Decorative, Dedication, Degree, Delicate, Delta, Depth, Desert, Destruction, Develop, Digging, Disperse, Distance, Diversity, Division, Doldrums, Domain, Drainage, Drought, Dune

  • E)

    Earth, Earthquake, Ecology, Eddy, Elements, Elevation, Eluvial, Energy, Environment, Equator, Equidistant, Eradicate, Erosion, Escarpment, Esker, Espalier, Estuary, Eurasia, Europe, Evaporation, Everglade, Evidence, Evolve, Exfoliate, Expanse, Exposure

  • F)

    Farming, Fault, Feature, Fissure, Fjord, Flood plain, Forest, Fossil, Frost, Fuel

  • G)

    Gap, Geyser, Glacier, Glade, Glen, Globe, Gorge, Grasslands, Great Divide, Greenland, Greenwich, Grid, Grotto, Grove, Gulch, Gulf, Gully, Guyot

  • H)

    Habitat, Harbor, Hardy, Harvest, Headland, Hedge, Height, Heirloom, Heliotrope, Hemisphere, Highlands, Hinterlands, Horizon

  • I)

    Iceberg, Igneous rock, Inlet, Interconnection, International Date Line, Inundate, Involve, Irrigation, Island, Isobar, Isotherm, Isthmus

  • J)

    Jet stream, Jungle

  • K)

    Key, Kill, Knoll

  • L)

    Lagoon, Land, Land-form, Landmark, Landscape, Latitude, Lava, Legend, Levee, Littoral, Location, Longitude, Lowlands

  • M)

    Magnetic, Mainland, Map, Marine, Marsh, Mass, Massif, Materials, Meadow, Meander, Mercator projection, Meridian, Mesa, Minute, Moisture, Monsoon, Moor, Morass, Mountain, Mulch

  • N)

    Nadir, Nation, Natural, North America, North Pole, Northern Hemisphere, Noticeable

  • O)

    Oasis, Ocean, Oceania, Ooze, Original, Overlook, Ozone

  • P)

    Palisade, Pampas, Parallel, Pelagic, Peninsula, Permafrost, Permeable, Physical, Piedmont, Pinnacle, Plains, Plateau, Polar, Polder, Pole, Pollutant, Population, Position, Prairie, Prime meridian, Promontory, Proof, Province

  • Q)

    Quality, Quantity, Quest, Questions

  • R)

    Rain forest, Rainfall, Range, Reef, Region

  • S)

    Scale, Sea level, Sediment, Seismograph, Site, Situation, Smog, Society, Steppe, Strait, Subtropical, Swamp

  • T)

    Tectonics, Temperatures, Territory, Threat, Tidal wave, Topography, Transportation, Tributary, Tropic, Tundra, Typhoon

  • U)

    Unexpected, Unique, Universal, Unusual, Urban

  • V)

    Value, Variation, Variety, Various, Vegetation, Verdant, Volcano

  • W)

    Weather, Weeds, Wetlands, Widespread, Wilt, Wither, Woodlands

  • X)

    Xeriscape, Xylem, Xyst

  • Y)

    Yard, Yellow jacket

  • Z)

    Zone, Zygophyte

Geography Lesson Plan ideas
1. There are 7 geographic regions in the US. Name them.
2. Write reports on one/two/three of these regions.
3. What are their characteristics? Where would you like to live? Why?

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