Suffix Study => ANCE #1 includes these SUFFIXES as a part of your Root-A-Week program! Suffixes modify and extend meaning. Use 9 suffix puzzles at grade level for each of these 9 "important" suffixes. (The grade level for each word using a suffix is noted.) Study these suffixes: -able, -ance, -arium, -hood, -ian, -ity , -less, -ology, -phobia.
1. Determine the meanings of each suffix and study the words in the word bank.
2. Solve the puzzle by using the definition and part of speech clues. Put your answers INSIDE the boxes.
3. At the bottom of the last puzzle, click " SUBMIT" to get the correct answers and the use of each word in a sentence.

CCSS Alignment Strand numbers for Suffix Study in Specific Grades:
"Decoding and Word Analysis" and "Most Common Prefixes and Suffixes":
"CCSS.ELA-Literacy." precedes these numbers: RF.1.3e, RF.2.3+d, RF.3.3+a+b+c, RF.4.3+a, RF.5.3+a
(Reading: Foundational)

Word List: Alphabetical list and grade level of "-ANCE" words. Annoyance, Defiance, Dominance, Elegance, Endurance, Reluctance, Resistance, Tolerance. Suffix -ANCE and -ANCY mean "process; quality; state; and degree."

Coding puzzle [1] Coding Definition Match Puzzle
Interactive Puzzles [1] Complete Word Puzzle
Fill In the Blanks [1] Fill-in-the Blank Puzzle
Definition Match [1] Definition Match Puzzle
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List of ANCE #1 Root Word Lesson Plans
1) Word Roots 1: Dict-Vent-Duct
2) Word Roots 2: Fin-Sed-Fer
3) Word Roots 3: Cern,Cert-Jur-Leg
4) Word Roots 4: Grad-Mot-Cad
5) Word Roots 5: Nat-Tract-Sequ
6) Word Roots 6: Plic-Fac-Cogn
7) Word Roots 7: Spect-Sta-Vert
8) Word Roots 8: Sent-Grat-Pon
9) Word Roots 9: Clud-Dit-Fid
10) Word Roots 10: Ject-Pend-Lect
11) Word Roots 11: Ced-Cept-Cur
12) Word Roots 12: Gen-Pul-Spir