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    Suffix Study -ANCE Definition Match --

    For this SUFFIX - ANCE activity, match a vocabulary word with a number in the left hand column with the definition in letters "A to H" in the right hand column. Use the pull down "Select" bar to choose the correct suffix definition match.
    When you hit "Submit", you will get back the correct Suffix - ANCEanswers as well as the percentage score for correct answers.
    This SUFFIX vocabulary word list comes from SUFFIX study activities. In addition to this Suffix Definition Match exercise, also has a free Suffix Interactive Word Puzzle and Suffix Fill-in-the-Blanks. will soon have a Suffix Word Find, and Crossword with these same 8 words.
    You have permission to make a hard copy of Suffix Study for further vocabulary at home or in classes.
    Word List
    1) resistance
    2) elegance
    3) dominance
    4) defiance
    5) endurance
    6) tolerance
    7) reluctance
    8) annoyance
    Definition List
    A)  A disturbance of one's composure or peace of mind; vexation; a source of irritation: nuisance (adjective) Root ODI = hatred, ill-will
    B)  Disposition to resist: challenge; contempt of opposition; a refusal to yield or conform (adjective) Root FID = faith, trust
    C)  A commanding position in an order of forcefulness; a control over; a rise high above (adjective) Root DOMIN = master, lord
    D)  Tastefulness and refined gracefulness; richness of design or decoration (adjective) Root LEG = gather, choose, pick
    E)  The ability to withstand hardship, suffering, misfortune or stress (adjective) Root DUR = last
    F)  The fact or state of being opposed to doing something; unwillingness (adjective) Root LUCT = wrestle, struggle
    G)  An opposition or withstanding against the force or effect of; an exertion to check or defeat (adjective) Root SIST = stand, place
    H)  Relative capacity to endure; sympathy or courteous indulgence for beliefs or practices different from one's own (adjective) Root TOLER = bear, put up with