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    Grade Level: "CCSS.ELA-Literacy." precedes these numbers: 2.4, 3.4, 4.4, 5.4, 6.4, 7.4, 8.4, 9-10.4, 11-12.4
    Particular Topic: "CCSS.ELA-Literacy." precedes these numbers: 4.6. 5.6, 6.6, 7.6, 8.6, 9-10.6, 11-12.6
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    (Reading: Informational Text) RI.2.4, RI.3.4, RI.4.4. RI.5.4, RI.6.4, RI.7.4, RI.8.4, RI.9-10.4, RI.11-12.4
    (Reading: Literature) RL.2.4, RL.3.4, RL.4.4. RL.5.4, RL.6.4, RL.7.4, RL.8.4, RL.9-10.4, RL.11-12.4

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    1) Korean War Interactive Puzzle --

    This Korean War subject theme puzzles are for personal use only. At, we encourage individual web participants, particularly students, teachers and families, to copy this vocabulary puzzle and enjoy the pursuit of their verbal development and improvement. Any commercial use of vocabulary word list at is expressly prohibited unless requested and permission granted.
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    The Korean War vocabulary word list includes the correct answers. There is an additional 579 "War" word list. In addition to this Interactive Word Puzzle, also created a Fill-in-the-Blanks and a Definition Match puzzle with the same 12 words.
    We anticipate adding puzzles in the future that will include a Word Search, a Crossword, True or False, and Synonym or Antonym activity.
    You have permission to make a copy of the Korean War vocabulary word list and puzzles for more study at home or in classes.
    Vocabulary Word List:
    The Korean War vocabulary list uses 12 words in Interactive word puzzles. The vocabulary list includes:

    22 countries fought as Allies to bring Communist aggression on the Korean Peninsula to a standstill. This was the first war fought under the U.N. flag.
    The flags in the corners of the graphic below are described at the Korean War 50th Anniversary site:
    "the light blue and white streamer that runs through the center of the flag is the U.N. Battle Streamer. The 22 stars represent the 22 allied nations that fought side-by-side to save South Korea...The flag is in both the English and Korean (Hangul) languages. In the center is the "Tae Guk" symbol from the South Korean flag...and stands for peace and harmony."
    The logo in the center is described: "the three-lobes of the crest, called "sam-taeguk", are (1) Red and White stripes representing the United States, (2) Dark Blue representing South Korea, and (3) U.N. Light Blue with 22 Gold stars for the countries involved...".

    Korean War Interactive Puzzle --

    1)  Attributes of someone with distinguished courage, admired for bravery and noble qualities; conduct that is daring (noun)
    Root HEROS = heor

    2)  Boldly courageous; brave; marked by fortitude, daring and resolve (adjective)
    Root VAL = valor

    3)  A pledge, promise, involvement or obligation to fully engage oneself (noun)
    Root MITT = send

    4)  Deserving praise, reward or esteem; qualifying for and worthy of earning commendation (adjective)
    Root MER = earn

    5)  Art or science of directing large-scale military movements and operations; plan or method for achieving a specific goal (noun)
    Root STRAT = an army

    6)  The spreading out and organizing of troops to make an appropriate placement, movement or arrangement; the sending out of people for a purpose (noun)
    Root PLOY/PLIC = fold

    7)  The act of preventing the spread of something; condition of what is restrained or controlled (noun)
    Root TAIN = hold, keep

    8)  To do something bad to someone who treated or hurt you severely; revenge against someone (noun)
    Root TALI = compensation in kind

    9)  A sudden armed attack or raid where soldiers rush forward against (noun)
    Root SORT = escape, go out, leave

    10)  Military activity where soldiers,airplanes etc. are sent to examine or survey a region (noun)
    Root CONN = know

    11)  The separation or limit of something with distinct edges (noun)
    Root MARC = border

    12)  The act of entering a place forcefully by military control; intrusion in a way that is harmful (noun)
    Root VAS = go, advance

    Additional Information:

    Here's a list of 12 acronyms and 42 words for military people and their activities.
    We honor and thank all veterans, especially those of the Korean War during this commemorative period.

  • 21 names of people and groups involved in combat: airborne, amputee, authority, coalition, commandant, commander, division, draftee, enemy, general, headquarters, infantry, instructor, military, non-commissioned (NONCOM), opponent, opposition, recruit, sergeant, subordinate, veteran.
  • 21 nouns and verbs describing combat tactics and actions: advancement, artillery, attack, campaign, collapse, combat, containment, deployment, disarray, exercises, implement, invade, involvement, mission, objectives, onslaught, overthrow, overwhelm, retaliate, target, victory/
  • 12 military acronyms: WAC (Women's Army Corp), POW (prisoner of war), MIA (missing in action), MASH (Moblie Army Surgical Hospital), DMZ (demilitarized zone), MLR (Mail Line of Resistance), R&R (rest and recuperation), DOD (Dep't of Defense), NATO (North American Treaty Organization), CINCUNC (commander-in-chief, United Nations Command), CINCFE (commander-in-chief, Far East), Napalm (this is a sticky gasoline gel used in bombing and the word is derived from "naphthenic & palmitic acids").

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