Latin Root-A-Week => CEPT CIP CAP #1

There are at least 72 key Latin roots. Use these words containing the Latin root in your weekly conversations and written assignments. The Latin root CEPT-CIP-CAP means "take, get, go, receive." Three CEPT root activities are listed below. Visit the Root Word Lesson Plans for 21 roots from the header above.

Word List: A list of 24 vocabulary words using the Latin root CEPT, CIP, CAP. The root CEPT : acCEPTable, acCEPTance, CAPable, CAPtive, conCEPT, conCEPTion, deCEPTion, exCEPTion, imperCEPTible, inCEPTion, interCEPT, perCEPTive, preCEPT, reCEPTacle, reCEPTive, susCEPTible; the Latin root CIP and CEIV = antiCIPate, conCEIT, deCEIVe, emanCIPate, inconCEIVable, partiCIPate, prinCIPle, reCEIPT
A word list using the Latin root CEPT, CIP, CAP for SAT and ACT vocabulary words: CAP = CAPacious, CAPstan, CAPtion, CAPtious, CAPtivate, inCAPacitate: CIP/CEPT = inCIPient, prinCIPality, reCIPient, unexCEPTionable