• The Interactive Lesson Plan puzzle is 1 of 8 vocabulary activities and word puzzles.
  • Use the Greek and Latin word root word list to select the correct answer.
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  • The AUDIO word story is available in all Root Words Lesson Plans #1 through #6.
  • Common Core alignment to a Interactive Puzzle is to 4 key phrases:
    "Grade Level", "Greek and Latin Roots", "Precise Meaning" and "Context".
    CCSS Alignment Strand numbers for Specific Grades:
    Grade Level: "CCSS.ELA-Literacy." precedes these numbers: 2.4, 3.4, 4.4, 5.4, 6.4, 7.4, 8.4, 9-10.4, 11-12.4
    Greek & Latin Roots: "CCSS.ELA-Literacy." precedes these numbers: 2.4b+c, 3.4b+c, 4.4b, 5.b, 6.4b, 7.4b, 8.4b, 9-10.4b, 11-12.4b
    Precise Meaning: "CCSS.ELA-Literacy." precedes these numbers: 2.4e, 3.4d, 4.4c, 5.4c, 6.4c, 7.4c, 8.4c, 9-10.4c, 11-12.4c
    Context: "CCSS.ELA-Literacy." precedes these numbers: 2.4a, 3.4a, 4.4a, 5.4a, 6.4a, 7.4a, 8.4a, 9-10.4a, 11-12.4a
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    1) Root-A-Week: MISS-MITT #1

    To solve the Latin word root MISS-MITT word puzzle put your answers INSIDE the vocabulary boxes. The Latin word root MISS-MITT means send. Send your answers by clicking submit at the bottom of the page. You will get back the correct answers, the use of the vocabulary word using the Latin word root MISS-MITT in a sentence and the percentage score of correct answers.
    Use the definition, root and part of speech to determine the vocabulary word using the Latin word root MISS-MITT. You have permission to make a hard copy for further Latin root vocabulary study at home or in classes.
    Vocabulary Word List:
    A list of 14 vocabulary words using the Latin word root MISS = commission, compromise, dismissal, emission, inadmissible, intermission, messenger, mission, missionary, missile, omission, permissible, promise, submission
    A list of 9 vocabulary words using the Latin word root MITT = admit, admittance, admittedly, commitment, committee, emit, permitted, remittance, transmit
    A word list using the Latin word root MITT-MISS for SAT and ACT words: MISS =comMISSar, deMISe, eMISSary, MISSive, preMISe, reMISS, surMISe: MITT = interMITTent, noncomMITTal

    Root-A-Week: MISS-MITT #1

    1)  Something discharged; act of sending forth or out as in light, liquids or particles (noun)

    2)  Instance of releasing or allowing to leave; a spoken or written order of discharge (noun)

    3)  Person sent on religious or humanitarian work; someone attempting to convert others (noun)

    4)  Act of giving over or yielding to the power of another; a presentation for consideration (noun)

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