Ziplining Vocabulary Word List (130)

A)Accident, Acrophobia, Adrenaline, Adventure, Aerial, Affordable, Affordable, Air, Altitude, Anchored, Ascend
B)Beginning, Braking, Breeze
C)Cable, Cautious, Clipped, Code, Confident
D)Danger, Demand, Descend, Disaster, Distance
E)Enjoy, Equipment, Excursion, Excursion, Exhilarating, Experience
F)Fall, Fast, Fear, Fearless, Flight, Friction, Fright, Frightening
G)Galvanized secure, Gloves, Gravity, Grip, Group, Guide, Guidelines
H)Hanging, Harness, Height, Hike, Hold on, Hum
I)Individual, Industry, Inspection, Installation, Insurance
J)Journey, Judgment, Jury-rig
L)Laughter, Lifeline, Line, Locale
N)Nature, New, Notice
O)Obstacle, Open, Open-air, Operator, Outdoors, Outing
P)Passage, Pinch, Platform, Popular, Potential, Professional, Protection, Pulley
Q)Query, Questions, Quick, Quiet
R)Regulation, Relax, Ride, Run, Rush
S)Safety, Scary, Scenic, Scream, Security, Sensation, Shift, Site, Skillful, Slide, Snap, Snug, Spinning, Sport, Standards, Starting post, Suspended, Swoop, System
T)Thrill, Trust, Twirl, Twist
V)View, Vista
W)Wary, Weather, Webbing, Weight, Wild, Wind, Wired, Wrapped
Y)Year-round, Youth
Z)Zigzag, Zip
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States where Ziplining adventurers can zip include:
Alaska: Alaska Zipline Adventures
California: Heavenly Flyer, Moaning Cavern
Colorado: Captain Zipline, Zip Adventures
Hawaii: Kauai Backcountry Adventures
New Hampshire: Wildcat Mountain
Ohio: Hocking Hills Canopy Tours
South Carolina: Carolina Adventure World
Texas: Cypress Valley Canopy Tour
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