World War One Vocabulary Word List (499)

A)Account, Action, Advance, Aerial, Afloat, Aggressor, Agitator, Aim, Aircraft, Airfield, Airplane, Alert, Alliance, Allies, Ambulance, Ambush, Ammunition, Anarchy, Anguish, Annihilate, Appease, Armament, Armed Forces, Armory, Arms, Arsenal, Artillery, Ashore, Assassin, Assassinate, Assault, Atrocity, Attack, Attrition, Authority, Automatic
B)Barrage, Barricade, Battalion, Batter, Battle, Battlefield, Belligerent, Betrayal, Blast, Blindside, Blood, Bombardment, Bombs, Breach, Broken, Brutal, Brutality, Bullet, Bunker, Burn, Bury
C)Cadaver, Camouflage, Cannon, Captive, Captive, Capture, Cargo, Carnage, Carrier, Casualties, Caution, Cautious, Chaos, Charge, Charred, Checkpoint, Chief, Civilian, Clandestine, Clash, Collapse, Combat, Command, Commander, Compassion, Comply, Concussion, Conflagration, Conflict, Confrontation, Confusion, Conquer, Conscript, Conscription, Consequences, Conspiracy, Conspire, Contact, Control, Convoy, Coordinate, Coordinates, Corps, Corpse, Counterattack, Countermand, Counteroffensive, Courageous, Crisis, Cross-hairs, Culpability
D)Damage, Danger, Dangerous, Dash, Dead, Deadly, Death, Debacle, Debris, Defector, Defend, Defense, Defensive, Demolish, Demoralize, Desertion, Despair, Despot, Destroy, Destruction, Detect, Detection, Detente, Devastation, Devices, Dictator, Die, Disarmament, Disarray, Disaster, Disastrous, Discipline, Disease, Dismantle, Dispatch, Disperse, Dispute, Disruption, Dissonance, Dominate, Doomed, Downfall, Drama, Dread, Duty
E)Encounter, Endure, Enemy, Enforce, Engage, Enlist, Epithet, Escalate, Escape, Espionage, Evacuate, Execute, Execution, Exercise, Expectations, Explode, Explosion, Explosive, Extreme
F)Fanatic, Fatal, Fear, Fearless, Ferment, Ferocious, Fierce, Fiery, Fight, Fighter, Flank, Flee, Flight, Force, Forceful, Fortification, Foxhole, Fray, Frenzy, Fright, Front lines, Fuel, Fugitive, Furtive, Fusillade
G)Gas, Generation, Genocide, Gore, Government, Grave, Grenade, Grievous, Groans, Guard, Guns
H)Hammering, Harsh, Hatred, Hazards, Help, Heroic, Heroism, Hide, Hit, Hit-and-run, Horses, Hospitalize, Hostility, Howitzer
I)Ignite, Impact, Improvise, Incident, Incite, Infantry, Infiltrate, Inflame, Informant, Injuries, Instructions, Intelligence, Intense, Intercept, Interdict, International, Interrogation, Intervene, Intimidate, Invasion, Investigate, Investigations, Involvement, Ire
J)Jeer, Join
K)Keen, Kidnap, Kill, Knives, Knock-out
L)Lament, Land mines, Launch, Legacy, Liaison, Liberate, Liberation, Liberators, Loathsome, Loyal
M)Macabre, Machine guns, Machines, Maim, Malevolent, Malicious, Maraud, March, Massacre, Mayhem, Medics, Menace, Militancy, Militant, Militaristic, Military, Militia, Mines, Mission, Mistreatment, Mobile, Mobilization, Momentum, Mortars, Munitions, Murder, Muscle, Mustard gas
N)Nationalist, Negotiation, Neutralize, Nightmare, Nitrate, Notorious
O)Offensive, Officer, Officials, Onerous, Operation, Opposition, Options, Order, Outbreak, Overrun, Overthrow
P)Pacify, Partisan, Patriot, Patriotism, Patrol, Peace, Penetrate, Perform, Persecute, Petrify, Photos, Pilot, Pistol, Planes, Platoon, Plunder, Position, Post, Potent, Powder, Power, Powerful, Preemptive, Premeditated, Prison, Prisoner, Proliferate, Provoke, Prowl, Public, Pugnacious, Pulverize
Q)Quail, Queasy, Quell, Quest, Questions, Quiver
R)Rage, Rally, Ravage, Ravish, Readiness, Rebellion, Reconnaissance, Recovery, Recruit, Red Cross, Reform, Regime, Regiment, Reinforcements, Relentless, Reprisal, Reputation, Rescue, Resistance, Retaliation, Retreat, Retribution, Revenge, Ricochet, Rifle, Rift, Rot, Rounds, Rule, Ruthless
S)Sabotage, Sacrifice, Scare, Scramble, Secrecy, Secret, Security, Seize, Seizure, Sense, Setback, Shelling, Shells, Shock, Shoot, Shot, Showdown, Siege, Skirmish, Slaughter, Soldier, Sorrow, Specialized, Spot, Spy, Squad, Stash, Stealth, Storm, Straggler, Strangle, Strategic, Strategy, Strife, Strike, Strip, Stronghold, Struggle, Suffering, Supplies, Support, Suppress, Surprise, Surrender, Survival, Survivor, Suspect, Sword
T)Tactics, Tank, Target, Tension, Terrain, Terror, Terror, Terrorize, Threaten, Thwart, Topple, Torch, Tourniquet, Tragic, Training, Trample, Transportation, Trap, Trap, Trauma, Trauma, Treachery, Trench, Trigger, Triumph, Turbulent
U)Unbelievable, Uniform, Unify, Unit, Unite, Unleash, Urgency
V)Valiant, Valor, Vanish, Vehicle, Vehicular, Veteran, Vicious, Victory, Vile, Vilify, Violation, Violence, Virulence, Vision, Vital, Void, Volunteer, Vow, Vulnerability
W)Wage, War, Warfare, Warplane, Warrant, Watchful, Weapon, Well-trained, Whiz, Wince, Wisdom, Worldwide, Wounds, Wreckage
Y)Yearn, Years, Yelling
Z)Zealot, Zeppelin, Zigzag, Zone
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