World Series Vocabulary Word List (316)

A)Ability, Accuracy, Activated, Activity, Advantage, Aggressive, All-star, American League, Announcer, Appearance, Appreciation, Asset, Athlete, Attentive, Attitude, Audition, Averages, Awards, Awesome
B)Balance, Ball player, Banish, Baseball, Baseman, Batter, Batter up, Beaten, Behavior, Bleachers, Blindside, Bonding, Broadcast, Brutal
C)Call, Career, Caution, Celebration, Center, Champion, Championship, Character, Charisma, Cheer, Classic, Clubhouse, Coach, Collegiate, Commitment, Common-sense, Communication, Competition, Conditioning, Conference, Confidence, Confrontation, Consistent, Contest, Control, Controversial, Cooperation, Correct, Courageous, Crush
D)Dangerous, Daunting, Defeat, Defense, Dependable, Desire, Determination, Diligent, Direction, Disabled list, Disastrous, Discipline, Dispute, Division, Dominate, Double, Draft, Dynamic
E)Effective, Electrifying, Eligible, Encouragement, Endurance, Energetic, Enthusiasm, Equipment, ERA, Esteem, Ethics, Euphoria, Execute, Exemplary, Exhibition games, Experience
F)Failure, Fair, Fan-fest, Fans, Fastball, Field, Force, Forceful, Fortitude, Foul, Fracture, Frenzy, Fumble
G)Game, Games, Gear, Glove, Goal, Grandstand, Grievous, Ground out, Guidance
H)Hard work, Hits, Hollering, Home run, Homer, Hostility
I)Illegal, Impact, Impartial, Improvement, Inbound, Industrious, Ineligible, Injuries, Inning, Inspirational, Instructions, Instructive, Intense, Inter-league, Intercollegiate, Interference, Ire
J)Jargon, Jeer, Jerk, Joy, Jubilation, Judge, Judgment
K)Keen, Kinship, Knock down
L)Laughter, Lead, Leadership, League, League, Left-handed, Legitimate, Lockers, Lopsided, Loss, Loyalty
M)Manager, Maximize, Mayhem, Measurement, Mechanics, Medication, Menace, Metabolic, Minor leagues, Mitt, Motivate, Mound, Muscles
N)National League, Negotiate, Negro League, Nemesis, Nimble, Noisy, Notoriety
O)Observant, Obsession, Offense, Offensive, Official, Opponent, Opportunity, Optimism, Organization, Outstanding, Ovation
P)Participation, Passion, Pastime, Percentage, Performance, Perseverance, Persistence, Perspective, Planning, Plate, Player, Playoffs, Popular, Position, Possession, Post season, Practice, Praise, Pressure, Prevention, Professional, Prohibited, Promptness, Protection, Punctual
Q)Quality, Quick
R)Ranking, Reasonable, Recognition, Recruit, Rehabilitation, Reliable, Relief, Resilient, Retaliation, Retire the side, Rotation, Rough, Ruthless
S)Safe, Schedule, Scoreless, Scoring, Scouting, Scrimmage, Season, Series, Shift, Sidelines, Signal, Single, Skill, Skirmish, Spectacle, Speed, Split-second, Sportsmanship, Sprint, Squad, Stadium, Stamina, Standards, Stands, Starts, Statistics, Steal, Strategy, Strategy, Streak, Strength, Stress, Strike, Strike out, Sweep, Swing
T)Talent, Teammate, Teamwork, Tenacious, Threat, Throw, Thwart, Tolerant, Trainer, Training, Triple, Trophy, Trot, Trustworthy
U)Umpire, Uniforms, United, Unusual, Upcoming, Update, Urgency
V)Valuable, Variation, Variety, Velocity, Victory, Vigilant, Vulnerable
W)Walk, Warm up, Wild pitch, Winded, Winning, Workout, World Series, Worthy
Y)Yardage, Yells, Young, Youthful
Z)Zeal, Zealous, Zigzag, Zone
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