Wizards Vocabulary Word List (235)

A)Abracadabra, Alchemy, Amulet, Apparition, Apprentice, Attraction
B)Battling, Beast, Berserk, Bewitch, Black cat, Brew
C)Captivate, Cards, Cast, Cauldron, Cave, Chalice, Charisma, Charm, Chimerical, Clairvoyant, Complexity, Conjure, Conquer, Conspirator, Coven, Creature, Crow, Crystal ball, Curious, Curse
D)Dark, Darkness, Death, Disappearance, Distraction, Dose, Dragon, Dread, Dream, Dwarf
E)Elf, Emblazoned, Empire, Enchant, Encounter, Exorcist, Experience
F)Fairy, Fairy tale, Familiar, Fantastic, Fantasy, Flinch, Focus, Folklore, Force(s), Forehead, Fortune-telling, Frighten
G)Garb, Ghost, Giant, Gnome, Goblin, Gowns, Graveyard, Grief, Grotesque, Gryphon
H)Hag, Harbinger, Herbs, Hero, Hocus-pocus
I)Illusion, Imagination, Immortality, Imp, Incantation, Investigate, Invisible
J)Jargon, Journey, Jug
K)Karma, Keepsake, Kettle, Kingdom, Kismet
L)Legend, Legerdemain, Lightening bolt, Loiter, Lore, Loss, Lucky, Lunar
M)Magic, Magic carpet, Magical, Magician, Majesty, Make believe, Malevolence, Medieval, Medium, Midnight, Mischievous, Misdirection, Monster, Moon, Musings, Mysterious, Mystical, Myth, Mythical
N)Necromancer, Necromancy, Nemesis, Newt
O)Obsession, Ogre, Open sesame!, Oracle, Owl
P)Pain, Parchment, Performance, Petrify, Phoenix feather, Pixie dust, Poisonous, Pot, Potent, Potion, Powder, Power, Practice, Presto chango!, Prey, Profound, Prophecy, Prophet, Prowl, Psychic
Q)Quail, Quake, Quest, Quiver
R)Rabbits, Raconteur, Realism, Realm, Reign, Repel, Reverberate, Robe, Rule, Rune
S)Sage, Scar, Scare, Scroll, Seer, Serious, Shadow, Shaman, Soothsayer, Sorcerer, Sorcery, Specter, Spell, Spellbound, Spider, Spinning amulet, Spirit, Stars, Story, Success, Supernatural, Superstition, Survivor
T)Tale, Talisman, Terror, Theme, Torch, Tragic, Transformation, Trauma, Tremors, Tricks, Troll
U)Unbelievable, Unflinching, Unicorn, Unique, Unusual
V)Valiant, Valor, Vampire, Vanish, Venomous, Vicious, Victory, Visionary, Void, Voldemort
W)Wand, Ward, Warlock, Watchful, Weird, Werewolf, Whine, Whisk, Whispering, Wicked, Willies, Wince, Wisdom, Witch, Wizardry, Worry, Worship
Y)Yearning, Youth, Yowl
Z)Zap! zealous, Zigzag, Zounds!
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Wizard Lesson plan ideas and discussion:

1. Imagine what kinds of entertainment a wizard could provide! (ex: turning a stone into a frog!)

2. What special incantations/spells do you think a wizard might recite? What would they do? How?

3. Use your imagination to think of a ritual that would cause some magic to happen. Where would the setting take place? Time of day/night? Who would be involved? What might occur?

4. Define the words amulet and fetish. For what purposes would a wizard carry an amulet or have a fetish? Why would they be powerful? Develop your ideas. offers more than 630 word lists. To see otherword lists, please go to the home page for word games, interactive worksheets, word puzzles and themed content with Latin rootsCommon Core Standards. 2500 pages of free content are available only online. There are no fees and no ads.