White-water rafting Vocabulary Word List (171)

A)Adapt, Adjust, Adrenaline, Aft, Alert, Approach, Attention, Audacious, Avoid, Awe
B)Bank, Beginner, Bouncing
C)Calm, Capsize, Caution, Challenge, Child, Choppy, Chute, Class, Cliffs, Cold, Competition, Conditions, Cool, Crash, Current
D)Danger, Daring, Difficult, Difficulty, Direction, Discount, Dread, Drop
E)Eddy, Edge, Excitement, Exciting, Exhilaration, Experience, Expert
F)Falling, Family, Fast, Fear, First aid, Flip, Float, Flow, Foam, Force, Fright, Frigid, Froth, Fun
G)Gear, Gentle, Geography, Guide
H)Helmet, Hidden, Hold on
I)Impossible, Incident, Inflatable, Information, Informed, Instruction, Intermediate
J)Joy, Jubilant
K)Keen, Know, Knowledge
L)Leaning, Leisure, Lesson, Life vest, Lively
M)Meander, Memories, Motion, Movement
N)Navigate, Nerves, Nervous
O)Obstacles, Occurrence, Outdoors, Outfitter, Outrageous, Overwhelming
P)Paddle, Passage, Passageway, Perilous, Planning, Pools, Precipice, Preserve, Price
Q)Qualification, Quest, Quick
R)Race, Raft, Rafter, Rafting, Rapids, Recreation, Remote, Reservation, Reserve, Ride, Ripples, Risky, River, Rocks, Rope, Rough, Rubber, Runoff
S)Safely, Safety, Sandbar, Scenery, Season, Seeking, Sensible, Serious, Shallows, Sheer, Shore, Spill, Sport, Strength, Strong, Sucked, Summer, Surge, Swift, Swim, Swirling
T)Thrill, Timing, Torrent, Trip, Tumultuous
U)Ultimate, Underneath, Unique
V)Vacation, Victorious, Volume
W)Wade, Water, Waterway, Wave, Weather, Wet, White water, White-knuckles, Wild, Wilderness, Wind
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White-water rafting Basic Ratings:
Class I = usually flat water with some ripples
Class II = waves could reach heights of one to two feet
Class III = waves that measure two to three feet; obstacles make for a challenging ride
Class IV = serious rapids with waves of more than four feet; drops and rocks that are difficult to navigate
Class V = the most difficult of all rapids; chosen by experienced rafters because waves have bigger drops, fast water and rocky places offers more than 685 word lists. To see White-water rafting, Surfing, and Sports word lists, please go to the home page for word games, interactive worksheets, word puzzles and themed content that align with Common Core Standards,. 2500 pages of free content at are available only online. There are no fees, no ads, no registration.