White and blue-collar careers or jobs Vocabulary Word List (84)

A)Accounting, Aerospace, Agent, Architecture, Assembly line, Automotive
B)Banker, Beautician, Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Bookkeeper, Brokerage, Business
C)Carpentry, Chiropractic, Composer, Computers, Construction, Contractor, Counselor, Criminal justice, Curator
D)Dental professional, Designer, Diplomacy
E)Education, Elevator repair, Engineering, Entrepreneur, Export
F)Farmer, Fashion, Fire-protection, Fisherman, Food manufacturing
G)Geology, Government
H)Health care, Health science, High tech, Home furnishings, Homemaker, Human resources
I)Import, Insurance, Investor
L)Laborer, Lawyer, Library science, Lumberjack
M)Maintenance, Marketing, Medicine, Military
N)Newscaster, Nurse
O)Officials, Optician, Owners
P)Physician, Pilot, Psychologist, Public administration
R)Real estate agent, Retail
S)Sales, Social worker, Software
T)Taxation, Teacher, Technical classes, Textiles, Therapist, Toy design, Trader, Transportation
V)Venture capitalism, Veterinarian
W)Wholesale industry, Wine-making, Woodworking
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