Weather Vocabulary Word List (313)

A)Accuracy, Acid rain, Air, Air-pressure, Altitude, Anemometer, Arctic, Arid, Atmosphere, Avalanche, Axis
B)Balance, Balloon, Balmy, Barometer, Biting, Bitter, Black ice, Blackout, Bleak, Blimp, Blizzard, Boreal, Breezy, Bright, Broadcast
C)Cataclysm, Celestial, Celsius, Centigrade, Chemicals, Chemistry, Chill, Circulation, Cirrus, Clear, Clement, Climate, Cloudburst, Cloudy, Col, Cold, Color, Composition, Condensation, Conditions, Controversial, Convection, Conversion, Crystals, Cumulus, Current, Cycle, Cyclone
D)Damage, Damp, Decay, Degree, Deluge, Demonstrate, Density, Depression, Detection, Devastation, Dew, Dew point, Direction, Disruption, Dissipation, Doldrums, Doppler radar, Downpour, Dreary, Drizzle, Droplets, Drought, Dry, Dull, Dust devils
E)Earth science, Earthquake, Easterlies, Eclipse, Eddies, El Nino, Electricity, Emergency, Energy, Environment, Erosion, Eruption, Evacuate, Evaporation, Evaporation, Exposure, Extreme
F)Fahrenheit, Fall, Floe, Flood, Flooding, Fluids, Flurries, Foehn, Fog, Force, Forecast, Freezing, Freezing rain, Frigid, Front, Frost, Frozen, Funnel
G)Gale, Gauge, Gelid, Glacial, Global, Gravity, Greenhouse effect, Gusty
H)Haar, Hail, Hailstone, Haze, Headwind, Heat, Heat wave, High tide, Hoarfrost, Hot, Humidity, Hurricane
I)Ice, Impact, Inclement, Indian Summer, Inexact, Influence, Informative, Inquiry, Instruction, Instruments, Intermittent, Interplay, Inversion, Investigation, Isobar, Isotherm
J)Jet stream
L)Landslide, Latitude, Layers, Lightening, Liquid, Longitude, Low pressure, Low tide
M)Marine, Maritime, Measurement, Melt, Mercury, Meteorologist, Meteorology, Mild, Millibar, Mist, Mistral, Moisture, Monsoon, Moon, Movement, Mud slide, Muggy
N)Natural, Nature, Normal, Numb
O)Observation, Occluded front, Occlusion, Ocean, Orbit, Outage, Overcast, Ozone
P)Pattern, Physics, Polar, Pollution, Pouring, Power, Precipitation, Prediction, Pressure, Puddles
Q)Quake, Quantity, Query
R)Radar, Radiation, Rain, Rainbow, Rainbow, Raindrops, Rainfall, Rainstorm, Raw, Regional, Regulation, Report, Research, Rotation
S)Satellite, Saturation, Scale, Scorching, Seasons, Severe, Shady, Shiver, Showers, Sirocco, Sky, Sleet, Slush, Smog, Snow, Snowflakes, Snowstorm, Solar system, Space, Spring, Squall, Storm, Stratus clouds, Sub zero, Summer, Sunny, Sunrise, Sunset, Sunshine, Survival, Swirling
T)Technology, Temperate, Temperatures, Tempest, Thermal, Thermometer, Thunder, Thunder clouds, Thunder showers, Thunderstorms, Tidal wave, Tilt, Tornado, Torrent, Torrential, Track, Tramotane, Transfer, Transmission, Tremor, Trigger, Tropical, Tropics, Trough, Tsunami, Typhoon
U)Umbrellas, Undertow, Undulate, Uniform, Updraft, Upwind
V)Vapor, Variegated, Veering, Velocity, Violent, Visibility, Vital, Volcanic eruption, Vortex
W)Warm, Warm front, Warming, Warnings, Watch, Water cycle, Waterspout, Wave, Weather, Weather forecast, Weather vane, Westerly, Wet, Whirlwind, Whiteout, Wind, Wind chill, Wind sock, Windstorm, Winter, Wintry
Z)Zephyr, Zero-zero, Zone
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Weather Lesson Plans and Discussion questions

1. What are greenhouse gases?
2. Give examples of the technology that meteorologists use to track weather conditions like hurricanes etc.
3. Discuss the formation of weather fronts
4. Research the meaning of "Tornado Alley." Why do residents of OK, KS and TX react to this term?
5. What are some causes of lightening storms, hurricanes and heat waves?
6. Four main forms of lightening strikes exist. Discuss each one and illustrate your findings. (ball, bead, sheet, streak)
7. There are three basic types of clouds. Name them and give their approximate altitude. If a cloud begins with the word "nimbus" what does that term imply?

A hurricane does "hurry" as a tropical storm that can attain dangerous speeds. The word comes from the Carib Indians. Their storm god, Aracan, was sometimes spelled Huirancan. offers more than 565 word lists. To see Weather, Science and Winter Weather word lists, go to the home page for word games, interactive worksheets, word puzzles and themed content that align with Common Core Standards, 2500 pages of free content are available only online without ads, registration or fees.