Voting Vocabulary Word List (375)

A)Absentee, Acclaim, Accountability, Advertise, Affiliation, Amendment, Announcement, Appeal, Appearance, Applaud, Approach, Appropriation, Arguments, Articulate, Aspire, At large, Authorization
B)Ballot, Ballot box, Bandwagon, Behavior, Bias, Bicameral, Bill, Bipartisan, Boondoggle, Booth, Brochure, Budget, Bureaucrat
C)Campaign, Candidate, Canvass, Capitalize, Care, Careful, Catalyst, Caucus, Caution, Centrist, Challenge, Challenger, Charisma, Choice, Civic, Closing time, Coalition, Coast-to-coast, Collective, Commit, Committee, Common, Communication, Concede, Concession, Confidence, Congress, Congressional, Conscience, Consequence, Conservative, Constituent, Constitution, Contribution, Controversy, Convene, Convinced, Counting, Criteria, Criticism
D)Dark horse, Debate, Decision, Decisive, Declare, Defeat, Deficit, Definite, Delegate, Deliberate, Deliberation, Democracy, Democrat, Democratic, Derision, Destiny, Diligent, Disheartened, Dishonest, Dissatisfaction, District, Diverse, Division, Dogma, Dominate, Donation, Donor, Dossier, Dynamic
E)Editorial, Effective, Efficient, Elation, Election Day, Electoral college, Elevate, Eligible, Eloquence, Emphasis, Empowerment, Enact, Encourage, Endorse, Equal, Ethics, Euphoria, Executive, Exit poll, Experience
F)Faction, Feud, Filibuster, Flag, Flaw, Focus, Forum, Fraud, Freedom, Front runner, Funding, Fundraiser
G)Gain, Gambit, Gathering, Gerrymander, Glaring, GOP, Government, Grace, Grass-roots, Grateful
H)Handshake, Historic, Honest, Hooray, Hypocrisy
I)Ignite, Immigrants, Inalienable, Incentive, Incorporate, Incumbency, Incumbent, Independent, Indulge, Infallible, Influx, Initiative, Inquiry, Inspire, Integrity, Interests, Investigate, Irresponsible, Issues
J)Jeer, Jitters, Joking, Journalist, Jubilant, Judge, Judicial
K)Keen, Knowledge
L)Lame duck, Lament, Landslide, Law, Leadership, Leaning, Left, Legal, Legalize, Legislature, Liberal, Lobbyist, Location, Lone, Loser, Loyalty
M)Machine, Magistrate, Majority, Measures, Meetings, Mentor, Midterm election, Minority, Motive, Mudslinging
N)National, Nationwide, Negative, Newspapers, Nominate, Nominee, Nonpartisan, Numbers
O)Obligation, Official, Opine, Opinion, Opportunity, Opposition, Orator, Oratory, Organize, Outspoken, Ovation
P)PAC (Political Action Committee), Pamphlet, Participation, Partisanship, Party, Petition, Phoning, Platform, Pledge, Plurality, Polarize, Policy, Politician, Politics, Poll, Polling place, Pollster, Popular, Popularity, Pork barrel, Position paper, Pragmatist, Praise, Precinct, Prepared, Pressure, Pride, Primary, Priority, Proactive, Progressive, Projection, Promise, Propaganda, Proponent, Proposal, Punish, Purpose
Q)Quantity, Query, Quest, Quorum, Quotes
R)Race, Ratify, Re-election, Reapportionment, Recall, Recognition, Reconcile, Recount, Recrimination, Redistrict, Referendum, Reform, Registration, Regulate, Report, Representation, Republican, Rescind, Research, Resignation, Resilience, Restrictions, Retort, Revelations, Revenues, Rhetoric, Right, Roll call, Runoff
S)Sample ballot, Scope, Senate, Seniority, Seniors, Shift, Shortcoming, Shuffle, Sideline, Sinecure, Slate, Slogan, Solicitation, Solution, Spar, Spectacle, Speculation, Spending, Spin, Spotlight, Stake, Stance, State’s rights, Statute, Strategist, Strategy, Straw poll, Study, Stump, Subcommittee, Success, Suffrage, Support, Swing vote, System
T)Tactics, Tally, Taxpayer, Term, Term limit, Ticket, Turnout
U)Ultimate, Unanimous, Uncommitted, Unfair, Uniformity, Unity, Universal, Unknown, Unopposed, Unprecedented, Unsure, Upset
V)Vacancy, Vest, Veteran, Veto, Viable, Victor, Victory, Vie, Viewpoint, Violation, VIP, Vital, Voiced, Volunteers, Voter, Vulnerability
W)Ward, Whistle-stop, Wild-card, Winner, Withdraw, Withhold, Woo, Worker, Write-in
Y)Yell, Yield, Youth
Z)Zeal, Zone
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