Volcanoes Vocabulary Word List (102)

A)Active, Aeration, Aerosol, Affect, Aftershock, Andesite, Ash, Atmosphere
B)Basalt, Black, Boundary, Build-up, Burning
C)Caldera, Cascade, Catastrophic, Chamber, Cinders, Classification, Clinkers, Cloud, Color, Conduit, Cone, Consequences, Crust
D)Danger, Data, Debris, Destruction, Devastation, Dome, Dormant, Dormant
E)Earth, Effects, Effusive, Ejection, Emit, Environment, Eruption, Explosion, Extinct
F)Features, Felsic, Fissure, Flow, Force, Fossils. crater, Fragments
G)Gases, Geology
H)Hazard, Heat
K)Kilauea, Kinds
L)Lava, Layers, Location
M)Magma, Mantle, Materials, Mauna Loa, Molten, Mount Tambora, Mount Vesuvius, Movement, Mt. St. Helens
O)Observations, Obsidian, Occur, Opening
P)Pipe, Plate, Plume, Pressure, Pumice, Pyroclastic
R)Richter scale, Ring of Fire, Rock, Rupture
S)Scientsts, Seismograph, Silica, Smoke, Summit, Super-hot
T)Tectonics, Temperature, Throat
V)Vent, Volatile, Volcanic bombs, Vulcan
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