Vocational Education-Crafts Vocabulary Word List (90)

A)Amber, Applique, Artistry, Assemble
B)Basketry, Beading, Bookbinding, Braiding
C)Cabinetmaking, Calligraphy, Candle-making, Carving, Ceramics, Cloissone, Collage, Collect, Craft, Creativity, Crewel, Crochet, Cutout
D)Decoration, Decoupage, Deft, Design, Doll maker, Dying
E)Embroidery, Engraving, Etching
F)Fabric, Fashion, Feathers, Fiber arts, Flower arrangements
H)Handcraft, Handicraft
J)Jewelry making
K)Kite making, Knitting
L)Lace crafting, Lapidary, Leather crafting
M)Macrame, Mask making, Materials, Metal working, Mobile design
N)Needle crafts, Needlepoint, Nimble fingers
O)One of a kind, Origami, Ornamentation
P)Painting, Paper-mache, Perfumery, Pottery, Production, Puppetry
Q)Quality, Quilt-work, Quilting
R)Rubbing, Rug hooking
S)Scrapbook crafts, Scrimshaw, Sewing, Shell design, Silk screen, Spinning, Stained glass, Stenciling, Stitching
T)Tapestry, Tatting, Technique, Toy making, Trapunto
U)Unique, Upholstery
W)Wares, Weaver, Whittling, Wood carving
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