Vocational Education - Cosmetology Vocabulary Word List (348)

A)Accessory, Acne, Activator, Adept, Adroit, Advances, Allergy, Allure, Aloe, Alter, Amateur, Amino acids, Amplification, Analysis, Anti-aging, Antioxidant, Appeal, Appearance, Application, Apply, Appointments, Aromatic, Atomizer, Attend to, Attractive, Awareness
B)Balance, Bangs, Barbering, Bath oils, Beautify, Beauty, Beginner, Benefit, Blemish, Blend, Blusher, Boost, Boudoir, Brand, Breakthrough, Brow, Brush, Build, Burnish
C)Calibrate, Cancellation, Cellular, Certification, Change, Cheek, Chemical, Chic, Chignon, Choices, Clarify, Clarity, Classes, Clientele, Clinical, Clipper, Coiffure, Collagen, Collection, Cologne, Colorist, Comb-out, Comfort, Compact, Complexion, Conceal(er), Conditioner, Consecutive, Consistent, Consultation, Contain, Contour, Cosmetics, Cost, Coverage, Cream, Creativity, Crimp, Curler, Curls, Current, Custom, Cut, Cuticle
D)Damage, Damp, Definition, Delicate, Dentifrice, Depilatory, Depth, Dermatologist, Dermis, Dexterity, Diet, Diffuser, Diminish, Discomfort, Dry, Dryer, Dullness
E)Eau de cologne, Effect, Ego, Elegance, Emery board, Endure, Essence, Essentials, Exact-match, Excessive, Exfoliation, Experience, Expertise, Exposure, Eyelash, Eyeliner
F)Face lift, Facial, Fashionable, Feather cut, Features, Fingertip, Finish, Firmness, Fitness, Fix, Fluff, Focus, Formula, Formulation, Foundation, Fragrance, Fragrance-free, French twist, Fungus
G)Gait, Gel, Gentle, Glamour, Glitter, Gloss, Glow, Gratification, Grizzled, Grooming
H)Hair style, Hairdo, Healing, Health, Henna, High-shine, Highlight, Holistic, Hours, Hue, Hydration
I)Ideal, Illuminate, Illusion, Image, Impression, Incision, Indulgence, Inflammation, Infuse, Ingredients, Innovate, Instruction, Intern, Invigorate
J)Jaw, Jojoba oil
L)Lanolin, Laser, Layered, Licensed, Lifestyle, Lines, Lip gloss, Lipstick, Liquid, Locks, Luminance, Luster, Luxurious
M)Magnify, Maintenance, Makeover, Makeup, Manicure, Mascara, Mask, Matte, Maximum, Method, Mien, Minimum, Moisture, Moisturize, Mop, Musk
N)Nail care, Nails, Natural, New, Non-irritating, Nutrient
O)Observation, Oils, Ointment, Olfactory, Orange stick, Organic
P)Pageboy, Parlor, Pedicure, Peel, Perfume, Personal, Personalized service, Physique, Pigment, Pinpoint, Plastic surgery, Pleasure, Pompadour, Posture, Pouf, Powder, Precision, Prescription, Pressed powder, Prevention, Product, Professional, Proven
Q)Quality, Quantity, Queue, Quiff, Quintessential
R)Radiance, Razor, Receding hairline, Reduce, Referral, Refine, Regenerate, Regime, Relaxer, Repair, Replenish, Research, Restore, Results, Resurfacing, Reveal, Revolutionary, Ringlets, Rinse, Romantic, Rouge, Roughness
S)Salon, Salve, Scalp, Scent, Scientific, Scissors, Services, Shade, Shadow, Shampoo, Shaping, Shears, Shimmer, Shine, Shingle, Skillful, Skin care, Smooth, Snood, Spa, Specialist, Spray, Stencil, Streak, Stubble, Style, Stylist, Suggestion, Sunscreen, Supervision, Supplement, Surgery, Symmetry
T)Tale, Teaching, Technique, Texture, Thatch, Therapy, Thinning, Timely, Toiletries, Topical, Torso, Touch-up, Training, Transformation, Transparent, Trends, Trim, Tuft, Tweezers, Type
U)Ultimate, Ultra-natural, Under-eye, Uneven, Unguent, Unique, Up-do
V)Versatile, Vibrant, Visage, Visible
W)Wait, Wardrobe, Wave, Waxing, Wearing, Whiskers, Wig, Work with, Wrinkles
Y)Younger-looking, Youth, Youthful
Z)Zinc oxide
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