Veterinarian Vocabulary Word List (216)

A)Ability, Abscess, Abuse, Adverse, Affect, Agitation, Agony, Amount, Analysis, Appetite, Appointment, Assistance, Authority, Awe
B)Badge, Behavior, Big animal, Bizarre, Blood sample, Business
C)Care, Career, Case, Caution, Cleanse, Client, Clinic, Clinical, Colic, Collaboration, Comfort, Composure, Concern, Consequence, Consistency, Constant, Consultation, Contagious, Contaminant, Counteraction, Creature
D)Deadly, Degree, Dehydration, Deprivation, Desire, Devotion, Diagnosis, Diet, Discharge, Disease, Dispense, Doctoring, Dose, Droop
E)Ease, Education, Effective, Element, Equine, Equipment, Evidence, Examination, Experience
F)Fact finding, Fear, Feverish, Fluids
G)Gear, Gentle, Goal, Guesswork, Gurney
H)Harm, Health, Hospital, Hour, Humane, Hydration
I)Illness, Indication, Inevitable, Ingest, Injection, Injury, Instinct, Intense, Intramuscular, Irregularity, Irreplaceable
J)Joint, Joy
L)Laboratory, Laceration, Latent, Lethal, Lethargic, License, Lunge
M)Malady, Malnutrition, Mannerism, Measure, Medical bag, Medicine, Merit
N)Necessity, Normal, Nuisance, Nutrition
O)Obsess, Odd, Official, On call, Operate, Opiate, Opportunity, Option, Out of sorts, Output, Overdose, Overture
P)Paddock, Pain, Panel, Paraphernalia, Pasture, Patience, Patient, Poison, Portable, Practice, Precautionary, Prescription, Preventative, Procedure, Profession, Proof, Psychic, Pulse, Puzzling
Q)Quality, Quantity, Quick, Quiet, Quirk
R)Recovery, Regimen, Regulation, Report, Reputation, Resistance, Respiration, Respite, Restraint, Risky
S)Sample, Satchel, Sedative, Service, Severity, Shatter, Sickness, Side-effect, Sign, Situation, Small animal, Specialist, Specialize, Specialty, Sprain, Stat, Stethoscope, Stroke, Structure, Studies, Successful, Superficial, Surgery, Symptoms, Syringe
T)Teamwork, Tech, Technical, Temperature, Tendency, Terminology, Tether, Thermometer, Tireless, Transportation, Treatment, Trial, Triumph
U)Unique, Unknown, Urgency
V)Vascular, Version, Vicious, Victory, Vigil, Virus, Vision, Vital sign
W)Warning, Wary, Well-being, Wisdom, Work up, Worry, Wound
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