Vampires Vocabulary Word List (289)

A)Abduction, Alive, Allure, Alternative, Animate, Appearance, Apprehend, Apprehension, Attention, Attitude, Avow, Awakening
B)Barbaric, Bats, Bela Lugosi, Belief, Believer, Bite, Black, Blood, Blood lust, Bloodthirsty, Brink, Bullet
C)Candles, Cape, Caution, Cautious, Century, Ceremonial, Choice, Choose, Circle, Clandestine, Classic, Coffin, Cold, Cold, Compulsion, Confusion, Connection, Consensual, Contemplate, Convinced, Count Dracula, Counterculture, Coven, Creature, Creep, Creepy, Crime, Cross, Cruel, Cult, Culture, Curious, Cursed
D)Damned, Dangerous, Dank, Daring, Dark, Dead, Death, Demise, Demon, Depraved, Derangement, Derisive, Different, Dire, Disappear, Disgust, Disturbing, Diversion, Dracula, Drama, Dread, Drugs, Dying
E)Eerie, Embody, Energy, Engage, Error, Evil, Exchange, Expectancy, Expire, Exsanguinate, Extreme
F)Facts, Factual, Faith, Familiar, Fangs, Fantasy, Far-fetched, Fascination, Fatal, Fate, Fear, Fetid, Fiction, Figure, Flesh, Flog, Fog, Forest, Freak, Frighten, Furtive
G)Garlic, Gathering, Ghost, Glaring, Gleaming, Gloom, Goose bumps, Goth, Gothic
H)Hallucinate, Happen, Haunted, Haven, Heart, Hell, Hidden, Hissing, History, Hither, Horrible, Horrid, Horrifying, Hungary, Hunt, Hurt
I)Ignorance, Image, Impale, Incarnate, Indulge, Inflict, Informed, Ingest, Initiation, Innate, Innocence, Insane, Inspire, Intense, Interest, Intrigue, Isolation
K)Kidnap, Killing, Knowledge, Kook
L)Legend, Life, Lunge, Lurk
M)Macabre, Maraud, Mark, Master, Members, Mesmerize, Midnight, Mind, Mist, Monster, Moon, Myth
N)Neck, Needle-sharp, Night, Nightmare, Nighttime, Non-violemt, Nuance
O)Object, Obsession, Occur, Odd, Other-worldly
P)Paranoid, Paranormal, Penetrate, Perpetrate, Philosophical, Pop-culture, Potent, Powers, Predator, Premonition, Problem, Psyche, Pulse, Pulse, Puncture
Q)Quandary, Query, Quest, Questionable, Quirk
R)Rationale, Red, Religion, Research, Restraint, Reveal, Rite, Romania, Romantic
S)Sacrifice, Sacrilege, Safety, Sanguine, Sanity, Scare, Scrutinize, Secret, Secretive, Sect, Seduce, Sense, Sever, Shadows, Shape, Shape-shift, Shiver, Sign, Silver bullet, Size, Slaughter, Sly, Smell, Soul, Stage, Stake, Stalk, Strange, Succumb, Suck, Suffering, Superficial, Surroundings, Suspicion
T)Taboo, Teeth, Terrify, Threatening, Thrill, Tooth, Torment, Torture, Transylvania
U)Understanding, Universe, Unleashed
V)Vampire, Vanishing, Veiled, Vein, Vial, Victim, Vile, Virgin, Visceral, Vision, Vlad the Impaler, Vladimir, Void
W)Wan, Warning, Weird, Werewolf, Whining, Wicked, Witching hour, Witness, Wooden stake, Wound
Y)Yon, Youth
Z)Zero in on sells/has sold a Vintage Vampire-Killer kit:

Their advertisement indicates that "within this tool set, allegedly assembled and sold in the late 1800s (it could) arm citizens against exsanguinating fiends."
The kit includes a "pistol, silver bullets, Professor Blombergs New Serum, brimstone, holy water, powered garlic, a wooden hammer and stake, a mirror, a bullet mold, a crucifix and a candle."
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