Vacations Vocabulary Word List (592)

A)Abroad, Accommodation, Activities, Admire, Adventure, Advertisement, Affordable, Agency, Airfare, Airport, All-inclusive, Allure, Ambiance, Amenity, Americana, Amount, Ample, Amusement, Anniversary, Appetite, Appreciation, Aquatic, Ardent, Arrangements, Array, Art, Assist, Athletics, Atmosphere, Attachments, Attitude, Attraction, Availability, Awareness, Awesome
B)Backyard, Ball game, Band, Beach, Bellhop, Beverage, Biking, Bikini, Blessings, Boathouse, Bon voyage, Bookings, Bouquets, Boutique, Breathtaking, Brochure, Budget, Business class
C)Cafe, Camper, Camping, Cancellation, Canoeing, Cash, Celebrate, Celebration, Chant, Charge card, Charming, Charter, Choices, Clamor, Climate. coach class, Comfort, Commercial, Common, Communication, Community, Companionship, Complimentary, Consumption, Convenience, Cooperation, Coordinate, Costs, Countryside, Crochet, Culinary, Cultural
D)Dazzling, Deal, Declaration, Delay, Deluxe, Departure date, Deposit, Dessert, Destination, Discounts, Dispatch, Disturbance, Diversion, Diversity, Domestic, Double occupancy, Downsize, Downtime, Dramatic, Dream, Drinking
E)Eco-park, Economical, Educational, Elaborate, Elegant, Embellishments, Emergency, Emotional, En masse, Encounter, Endure, Energy, Engulf, Enjoyable, Enjoyment, Entertainment, Environment, Equine, Equinox, Escape, Estimate, Event, Exchanges, Exciting, Exclusive, Excursion, Exhibitions, Exotic, Expectations, Expedition, Expensive, Exploration, Exposure, Extras, Eye-raising
F)Fabulous, Facilities, Fair, Family, Fanciful, Fancy, Fanfare, Fare, Farewell, Fascination, Fashionable, Favorite, Feast, Feeling, Fees, Ferris Wheel, Festival, Firecracker(s), Fireworks, First class, First rate, Fishing, Fitness, Five-star, Flavor, Flexibility, Flight attendant, Focus, Food, Foolishness, Foreign, Four-star, Freedom, Frequent-flier, Friendships, Frivolity, Fun, Function
G)Gamble, Games, Gardening, Gas, Gastronomy, Gatherings, Gear, Getaway, Glitter, Glitz, Global, Globe trot, Goal(s), Golf, Good weather, Gourmet, Grandeur, Grandparents, Group, Guest, Guidance, Guide
H)Habitual, Harbor, Hassle, Haste, Heat, Hiatus, Hideaway, High-end, Hiking, History, Holiday, Home, Hooray, Hope(s), Horse racing, Horseback, Horses, Hospitality, Host, Hostel, Hostess, Hot, Hotel, Humble, Humidity
I)Ideal(s), Idyll, Illusions, Imagination, Imitate, Immortality, Importance, Impressive, Incentive, Inconvenience, Indulgence, Influence, Informative, Injury, Inn, Insight, Insurance, Integral, International, Invitation, Involvement, Island, Itinerary
J)Jaunt, Jeans, Jet ski, Join, Journey, Joy, Joyful, Joyous, Juggling, July, Junket, Just-in-case
K)Kayaking, Keen, Kid-friendly, Kin, Kindness, Kitsch, Knitting
L)Lake-view, Landmark, Language, Laughter, Launch, Lazy, Legendary, Leisure, Lessons, Libation, Liberty, Library, Lifeguard, Light-rail system, Limitations, Local, Locale, Location, Lodging, Love, Loyalty, Luggage, Luxurious
M)Major, Major, Mandatory, Marina, Mask, Masses, Memento, Memorable, Memories, Merriment, Merrymaking, Minor, Modification, Money, Monitor, Music, Musical, Mutual
N)Nation, National, Native, Nibble, Nocturnal, Nominal
O)Occasion, Ocean front/view, Odious, Odyssey, Official(s), Opportunities, Opportunity, Options, Organization, Outdoors, Outing, Overbook, Overcast, Overseas, Overwhelming
P)Pace, Packing, Paddle, Paid vacation, Pamphlet, Para-sailing, Parade, Paradise, Park, Participation, Parties, Passionate, Patience, Pause, Payment, Peaceful, Pedal boat, Pension, Perambulate, Perennial, Perk, Photography, Pick pocket, Pickles, Picnic, Picturesque, Pizazz, Planning, Playground, Pleasure, Plenty, Pomp, Popular, Port, Portage, Positive, Precaution, Preparation, Presentation, Preservation, Price, Pride, Pristine, Private, Public, Punch, Purser, Puzzles, Pyrotechnics
Q)Quaint, Quality, Quantity, Quest, Questions, Quick, Quiet
R)Racing, Rambling, Reading, Reasonable, Recess, Recollection, Recreation, Recuperation, Reef, Referral, Refreshment, Refund, Regatta, Regional, Rejoicing, Rejuvenate, Relationships, Relatives, Relaxation, Release, Reminder, Reminisce, Rental, Reputation, Requisite, Research, Reservation, Resort, Resource, Respite, Responsibility, Restful, Retreat, Return ticket, Reveal, Revelation, Riparian, Rituals, Roam, Roar, Roller coaster, Romantic, Round-the-world, Route, Routine, Rowing
S)Sabbatical, Safari, Safety, Sailing, Sanctuary, Sand, Satisfying, Scene, Scenic, Schedule, Season, Secluded, Security, Selection, Service, Setting, Sharing, Shindig, Ship, Shopping, Shore, Shorts, Shows, Shrieking, Shrine, Side trip, Sidewalk, Sightseeing, Sleeping, Smiles, Snorkeling, Solemn, Soothing, Souvenir, Spa, Spacious, Sparkle, Special, Spectacle, Spectator, Spirit, Sports, Stars, Steward, Stewardess, Storyteller, Streamers, Stroll, Stunning, Sublime, Successful, Suitcase, Summer, Sunburn, Sunscreen, Sunshine, Super-patriot, Support, Surfing, Surprise, Surroundings, Swelter, Swimming, Symbol, Symbolism
T)Taffy, Tanning, Target, Tea, Tennis, Tent, Territory, Theatrical, Theme park, Tickets, Time off, Timeshare, Tips, Toasting, Touring, Tourism, Tournament, Traditions, Travel, Trek, Trend, Tribute, Trip, Tropical, Trunk, Typical
U)Ubiquitous, Unaware, Unbelievable, Uncertain, Undiscovered, Unforgettable, Unification, Uniform, Union, Unique, Unite, Universal, Unusual, Updated, Upscale, Urban
V)Vacation, Valuable, Values, Variety, Vendor, Versatile, Veteran, Vibrant, View, Vigilance, Visible, Vista, Vital, Vivacious, Voyage
W)Wake-boarding, Walks, Wallet, Wander, Wardrobe, Watch, Water sport, Waterfront. water park, Wave, Waving, Wayfarer, Weary, Weekend. welcome, Welfare, Whim, Whirlpool, Widespread, Willingness, Windsurf, Winter, Wisdom, Witness, Woo, World-class, Worldwide, Worth
X)X-rays, Xanadu
Y)Yacht, Year abroad, Yearn, Yelling, Yoga, Youth
Z)Zeal, Zealous, Zest, Zoo
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Possible Vacation lesson plan and discussion questions
1. Have you ever taken a vacation? If so, where did you go and why? If you haven't taken a vacation, what do you do in your "free" time? Why?
2. If you could choose one place to visit, where would it be? Why did you choose this location? When would you travel?
3. If you went on a vacation, how would you travel? Would you go by airplane, bus, car, foot, helicopter, motor home, train, etc.

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