Underground Railroad Vocabulary Word List (167)

A)Abolitionist, Action, African Americans, Aims, Ambitious, Anxiety, Attempts
B)Beatings, Border, Bravery
C)Captive, Capture, Catch, Caught, Cause, Caution, Cellar, Circumstance, Clandestine, Committed, Compassion, Confederate, Consequences, Conspire, Courageous, Cruelly, Cruelty
D)Dangerous, Dank, Dark, Darkness, Dates, Death, Despair, Desperation, Detection, Determination, Discovery, Distract, Division, Divisive, Documentation, Dramatic
E)Emancipation, Endanger, Enforce, Equality, Escape, Evidence, Exhaustion, Existence, Exposure
F)Failure, Families, Farms, Fear, Fence, Fervor, Focus, Frantic, Free, Freedom, Frighten, Fugitive, Furtive
G)Goal, Groups
H)Help, Hidden, Historic, History, Hope, Horrifying, Human, Humane
I)Ideal, Illegal, Implication, Intense
J)Jeopardy, Judgments, Justice
K)Killing, Kindness
L)Law, Legacy, Legal, Lethal, Logistics, Loss
M)Mason-Dixon line
N)Necessity, Need, Network, Nighttime, North, Northward
O)Objective, Operation, Organization, Outbuildings, Ownership
P)Papers, Peek, Pennsylvania, Persistence, Planning, Plantation, Prevention, Prey, Proof, Protection, Punishment
Q)Quake, Quaker, Query, Quest, Quiet
R)Railroad, Record, Remembrance, Reward, Rights, Risk, Runaway
S)Sacrifice, Scared, Secluded, Secret, Secretive, Separation, Setbacks, Signal, Silence, Slave catcher, Slavery, Sneak, Sold, Souls, Southern states, Stations, Stops, Striving, Successful, Support, Survival, Suspect, Suspicion
T)Terrifying, Threaten, Trail, Travel, Trek, Trial, Trouble, Tunnel
U)Underground, Unjust
V)Victorious, Vow
W)Will, Witness, Woe, Worry
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Underground Railroad Lesson Plan, Discussion ideas and Suggestions:

1. What kinds of work during 1835-1865 did slaves perform on plantations and farms?
2. Discuss reasons why slaves wanted to live free
3. What contributions did these three states (Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania) make in the freeing of slaves?
4. Research the term Underground Railroad. Was there a real railroad?
5. Define these expressions: station masters, stations, stops. offers more than 565 word lists. To see The Underground Railroad and Slavery word lists, Harriet Tubman word list or Civil War word list, go to the home page for word games, interactive vocabulary puzzles and themed content that align with Common Core Standards. 2500 pages of free content are available only online without ads, registration or fees.