Tuskegee Airmen Vocabulary Word List (104)

A)Accomplishments, Activity, Aerial, African-American, Aircraft, Airplane join, Alabama, Application, Army Air Force Program, Assignment, Aviation, Aviator, Award
B)B-25, Basics, Black American, Bombardier, Bombardment Group, Bomber
C)Cadre, Captured, Citation, Combat, Command, Commit, Complex, Congressional Gold Medal, Cook
D)Dedication, Deploy, Determination, Dexterity, Discrimination, Distinction
E)Education, Eleanor Roosevelt, Enlist, Escort, Exclusionary, Experience
F)Fighter, Fighter Group, Flight, Fly
G)Government, Graduate, Group
I)Instructor, Involvement, Italy
J)Jet, Jim Crow law
L)Leadership, Legacy
M)Mechanic, Military, Missions, Moton Field, Mustang
N)National Warplane Museum men, Navigator, Nurse
O)Officer, Omission, Operation, Overseas
P)Participation, Patriotism, Personnel, Physician, Pilot, Plane, Policies, Pride
R)Racism, Red Tails, Red-Tail Angels, Rejection, Requirements, Rudder, Runway
S)Segregation, Serve, Sicily, Spit Fire, Squadron, Strict, Support
T)Thunderbolt, Training, Tuskegee Institute
U)US Army
V)Veterans Day
W)War, Warplane, Women, Wongs, World War II
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