Triathlons Vocabulary Word List (187)

A)Ability, Active, Age, Aggressive, Athlete, Athletics, Attempt
B)Beach, Bike ride, Body, Breath, Breathe, Breathless
C)Camaraderie, Challenge, Champion, Cheering, Coach, Collapse, Competition, Conditioning, Control, Coordination, Courage, Crash, Crowds, Cycling, Cycling
D)Decision, Diet, Disappointment, Discomfort, Distance, Doctor, Drama, Drive, Driven
E)Encouragement, Endurance, Energy, Exalt, Exemplary, Exercise, Exhaustion
F)Female, Finish, Fit, Fitness, Flexibility
G)Glory, Go, Goal, Gym
H)Health, Healthy, Heart, Hone, Hours
I)Incident, Individual, Injury, International, Ironman
J)Jogging, Joy, Judgment
M)Male, Massage, Maximize, Measure, Medication, Monitor, Motivate, Motivation, Muscles
N)National, Nausea, Nutrition
O)Official, On your mark, Opportunity, Opt, Optimism, Option, Outstanding
P)Participate, People, Perform, Perspire, Plaque, Podium, Position, Potent, Powerful, Practice, Preparation, Prevent, Program, Promising, Protect, Protection, Punishment
Q)Quads, Quantity, Quest, Quick
R)Rank, Recognition, Record, Recovery, Rehabilitation, Reserves, Resilient, Resist, Risk, Roadway, Role, Routine, Running, Rush
S)Sand, Satisfaction, Season, Segment, Sensible, Shape, Sit-ups, Skills, Solo, Spirit, Sport, Sportsmanship, Stabie, Stagger, Stamina, State, Statistics, Strain, Strategy, Strength, Stretch, Stride, Strong, Support, Sweat, Swim, Swimming, Symptoms
T)Target, Temperature, Terrify, Test, Thrill, Time, Timing, Tone, Torso, Trainer, Training, Transformation, Treadmill, Tremor
U)Unbelievable, Unique, Unusual
V)Victory, Vitamins, Volunteers
W)Walking, Warm up, Watchful, Water, Weights, Wetsuit, Win, Wince, Winning, Wisdom, Work, Workout
Z)Zeal, Zest
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