Travel and Leisure Vocabulary Word List (363)

A)Abroad, Access, Accommodations, Activities, Addition, Adventure, Affordable, Agency, Airfare, Allure, Ambiance, Amenities, Amount, Ample, Amusement, Appetite, Aquatic, Arrangements, Array, Arts and crafts, Assistance, Assortment, Atmosphere, Attraction, Availability
B)B&B, Backyard, Barbecue, Beach, Bellhop, Beverage, Biking, Boathouse, Boating, Bon voyage, Boutique, Break, Budget, Bug-free, Business class
C)Café, Camper, Campground, Camping, Cancellation, Canoeing, Capacity, Captain, Caravan, Cash, Certification, Challenge, Charter, Chef, Choice, Clientele, Climate, Coach, Coach class, Cocktail hour, Comfort, Comfortable, Contract, Convenience, Costly, Crafts, Credit, Cruise
D)Decadent, Delight, Deluxe, Deposit, Destination, Discounts, Dismay, Dispatch, Distinguish, Diversion, Diversity, Double occupancy, Downtime
E)Earnest, Easy, Energetic, Enjoyable, Enjoyment, Entertainment, Environment, Envision, Equipment, Escape, Event, Exclusive, Excursion, Exercise. expectation, Expedition, Expensive, Experience, Exploration, Extras, Extravagant, Exude
F)Facilities, Fancy, Fanfare, Fare, Fees, First class, Fitness, Flight attendant, Food, Foreign, Free, Free time, Freedom, Friendliness, Function, Furlough, Futon
G)Gastronomy, Gathering, Gear, Get together, Getaway, Gifts, Global, Globetrotter, Golf, Guest, Guide, Gusty
H)Harbor, Hiatus, Hike, Holiday, Honorarium, Hooky, Horseback riding, Hospitality, Host, Hostel, Hostess, Hotel
I)Ideal, Idyll, Impressive, Inn, Instruction, Insurance, Intensive, Interim, International, Island, Itinerary
J)Jaunt, Journey, Journey, Joy, Joyride, Junket
K)Kayaking, Keen, Kid-friendly, Kindly, Kindness, Kinship, Knitting
L)Lake-view, Landmass, Language, Launch, Lazy, Leave, Leisure, Lessons, Liberty, Lifestyle, Limit, Locale, Location, Lodging, Lounge, Luggage, Lull, Luxurious
M)Mandatory, Marina, Massive, Maximum, Meals, Meetings, Memento, Memorable, Minimum, Moderation, Monitor, Mood, Motion, Movement, Music
N)Nice, Nominal, Noteworthy, Noticeable
O)Occasion, Ocean view, Odyssey, Option, Organization, Original, Outdoors, Outing, Outstanding, Overbooking
P)Paddle, Paid vacation, Parade, Park, Participation, Partying, Pause, Payment, Payoff, Peaceful, Pedal boat, Pension, Perambulate, Perks, Picnic, Picturesque, Pizazz, Playground, Playtime, Pleasure, Porter, Promenade, Property, Protection, Public, Purser
Q)Quaint, Quality, Quantity, Query, Quest, Quiet, Quirky
R)Racing, Rate, Reasonable, Recess, Recreation, Recuperation, Refreshment, Refund, Regard, Regatta, Relaxation, Renown, Rental, Reputation, Requisite, Reservation, Reserve, Resort, Restaurant, Retreat, Return ticket, Riparian, Romantic, Round-the-world, Round-trip, Route, Routine, Rowing
S)Sabbatical, Safari, Safety, Sailing, Sanctuary, Sand, Satisfying, Scenic, Secluded, Selection, Setting, Ship, Shore leave, Side-trip, Soothing, Souvenir, Spa, Space, Spacious, Steerage, Steward, Stewardess, Sublime, Successful, Suitcase, Sumptuous, Sunscreen, Sunshine, Swimming pool
T)Tan, Tennis, Tent, Theme park, Time off, Tour, Tourism, Tourist, Tournament, Trail, Trailer, Train, Transfer, Transportation, Travel, Trek, Trip, Tropical, Truancy, Trunk
U)Ubiquitous, Unique, Universal, Updated, Upgrade
V)Vacation, Valuable, Variety, View, Visit, Vista, Volleyball, Voyage
W)Walk, Wander, Water sports, Waterfront, Wayfarer, Weary, Weather, Weekend, Whim, Whirlpool, Wide-ranging, Windsurf, Wireless service, Woo, Workshop, World, World-class, Worldwide
Y)Yacht, Year abroad, Yoga, Youth
Z)Zeal, Zoological
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