Tour de France Vocabulary Word List (291)

A)Ability, Acceleration, Accident, Adult, Aerodynamic, Ahead, Air, Alloy, Alps, Aluminum, Ambition, Analysis, Anti-doping, Anticipation, Appeal, Armstrong, Ascent, Aspiration, Athletic, Attack
B)Balance, Behind, Belgium, Best, Bike, Biking, Brake, Breakaway, Broom wagon, Bunched
C)Cable, Cadence, Calipher, Capability, Captain, Captivate, Caution, Cautious, Chain, Champion, Champs-Elysees, Chaser, Cheers, Climber, Cling, Commentary, Compete, Competition, Conditions, Contador, Contender, Cost, Coverage, Crank, Crash, Crows, Cycling, Cyclist
D)Data, Dates, Daunting, Days, Deft, Demand, Derailleur, Disgrace, Doping, Downward, Drama, Drive, Drugs
E)Endurance, Enthusiasts, EPO, Equipe, Equipment, Ethic, Event, Exercise, Expensive, Exploit
F)Fame, Fans, Fascination, Fiberglass, Finish, Flat tire, Following, Fork, Frame, France
G)Gasp, Gear, Germany, Goal, Goggles, Grasp, Green jersey, Grip, Group, Grueling
H)Handlebar, Hang on, Helmet, High-tech, Hill, Hinault, History, History, Hub
I)Identity, Illegal, Incrimination, Indisputable, Individual, Industry, Infatuation, Inflate, Injury, Innovate, Intense, International, Italy
J)Jersey, Joy
L)Landscapes, Lane, Leader, Leg, Lever, License, Light, Lightweight, Lock, Long-distance, Lubricate, Lure
M)Maillot jaune, Managers, Manufacturer, Marvel, Maximum, Measurement, Mediterranean, Memorabilia, Men, Miles, Model, Mountain, Mud, Multi-speed
N)National, Newspapers, Nostalgia, Numbers, Numerous
O)Objectives, Obsession, Official, Opportunities, Opportunity, Outdoors, Overall, Overhaul, Ownership
P)Pace, Pack, Pain, Paris, Partner, Pedaling, Pedals, Peloton, Performance, Personal, Personalities, Pleasure, Polka dot jersey, Popularity, Practice, Pride, Prudent, Public
Q)Quality, Quest
R)Race, Racer, Racing, Rally, Reflector, Region, Reliable, Repair, Reputation, Rhythm, Ride, Riders, Rim, Road, Route, Rubber, Rugged
S)Saddle, Safety, Scenic, Scores, Scrape, Shell, Shift, Shift, Signal, Size, Skid, Sleek, Slender, Slope, Slow, Smooth, Spain, Spandex, Specialty, Spectators, Speed, Sponsor, Sport, Sprint, Sprocket, Spurt, Stage, Standings, Starting, Steady, Steer, Stress, Stretch, Strive, Struggle, Sturdy, Success, Sunburn, Suspension, Sweat, Switzerland, Symbol
T)Tarnished, Team, Television, Terrain, Terrifying, Tire, Titanium, Title, Tools, Tour de France, Tours, Tradition, Traffic, Training, Transportation, Trial run, Tube, Tubular, Tumble
U)Ullrich, Universal, Upward, Urine, Use, Useful, Utility
V)Valve, Variation, Vehicles, Versatile, Victory
W)Water, Weather, Wheel, White jersey, Winner, Wobble, Workout, Worldwide
Y)Yellow jersey, Yield, Youth, Youthful
Z)Zeal, Zigzag
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Unethical competition, cycling and sports vocabulary word list:
action, allege, charges, criminal, culpable, decision, discovery, dismissal, document, doping, dramatic, drugs, effective, evidence, fine, hormone, illegal, immediate, implicate, innocence, investigation, involvement, laboratory, lawyer, levy, nonsense, police, possession, prescription, remove, seize, serious, steroid, strike, suspension, tests, transfusion, use, widespread, withdraw offers more than 645 word lists. To see Bicycling, Competition and Sports word lists, please go to the home page for word games, interactive word puzzles, vocabulary glossaries and themed content with Latin roots that align with Common Core Standards. 2500 pages of free content are available only online. There are no fees, no registration and no ads.