Tennis Vocabulary Word List (333)

A)Ability, Accidents, Accomplish, Ace, Action, Activity, Advantage, Aggressive, Agility, Alert, Altercation, Amateur, Ambiance, Amusement, Appearance, Approbation, Athlete, Attentive, Attitude, Award, Awesome
B)Back-to-back, Backhand, Balance, Ball boy, Ball girl, Baseline, Beat, Beaten, Break, Break point, Broadcast, Brutal
C)Capable, Career, Cat-call, Caution, Celebrate, Challenge, Champion, Chances, Character, Charisma, Cheer, Classes, Coach, Cold, Commitment, Communication, Competition, Conditioning, Confidence, Confrontation, Consecutive, Consistent, Control, Cooperation, Courage, Court, Crowds, Crushed, Culmination
D)Daunting, Debut, Defeat, Degrees, Delay, Desire, Destination, Determination, Deuce, Direction, Disappointment, Disastrous, Discipline, Dislocation, Distance, Divert, Dominate, Doubles, Doubt, Downhill, Drama, Dramatic, Dynamic
E)Effective, Electrifying, Eligible, Encouragement, Endurance, Energetic, Enthusiasm, Enthusiast, Epic, Esteem, Euphoria, Event, Execute, Exemplary, Exercise, Exhaustion, Exhibition, Expectation, Expense, Experience, Exposure
F)Failure, Fault, Favorite, Field, Finals, Fitness, Flair, Forehand, Fortitude, Forward, Fracture, French Open
G)Gallery, Game, Gear, Goal, Grand Slam, Grass court, Gravitate, Guard, Guidance
H)Habit, Hard court, Hard work, Healthy, High-speed, Historic, Hobby, Hollering, Hours, Hype
I)Illegal, Impact, Impartial, Imperative, Improvement, Incomplete, Individual, Injuries, Innumerable, Inspiration, Instill, Instruction, Instructor, Intense, Interfere, International, Interviews
J)Jaw-dropping, Joy, Jubilation, Judge, Judgment, Juniors
L)Laughter, Lawn tennis, Leader, Leisure, Lessons, Level, Lift, Limitation, Line judge, Lob, Loss
M)Magic, Major, Maneuver, Match, Match point, Maximize, Medicate, Memorable, Minor, Momentum, Monitor, Motivate, Movement, Muscles
N)Negotiate, Nemesis, Notice, Numbers
O)Objective, Observant, Obstacles, Official, Onslaught, Opportunity, Option, Organization, Out-of-bounds, Outdoors, Outstanding, Ovation
P)Panache, Participation, Passion, Pattern, Peak, Performance, Perseverance, Persistence, Perspective, Planning, Player, Points, Popularity, Position, Practice, Praise, Precaution, Pressure, Prevention, Professional, Progress, Prohibit, Prompt, Protection, Punctual, Pursue
Q)Qualify, Quality, Quest, Quick, Quirk
R)Rally, Range, Rank, Ranking, Reasonable, Recognition, Record, Rehabilitation, Reign, Reliable, Resilient, Resort, Reward, Risk, Rival, Rivalry, Rough, Routine, Run
S)Safety, Savvy, Score, Season, Seed, Seniors, Serve, Set, Shape, Shift, Silence, Skill, Smash, Spectacle, Spectators, Speed, Split-second, Sportsmanship, Stamina, Star, Statistics, Strategy, Streak, Strength, Stress, Style, Sunscreen, Surface
T)Talent, Tenacious, Terrain, Tie, Time, Title, Tolerate, Top, Top-seed, Tournament, Trademark, Train, Training, Travel, Triumph, Trust, Turf
U)Uncertainty, Unfamiliar, Unique, Unite, Unity, Unusual, Urgency, Usual
V)Vacation, Valuable, Variation, Variety, Victory, Vigilant, Visible, Visual, Volley
W)Warm up, Watching, Weather, Whites, Wimbledon, Winded, Winner, Winning, Workout, Worthy
Y)Yearning, Yells, Youthful
Z)Zeal, Zealous, Zigzag, Zone
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Did you know this Tennis fact? Some historians say that tennis began in Italy. The game became popular in France. When a player served, he/she would say, tenez. This French word comes from the verb tenir meaning to have, hold or take. Years later, when tennis occurred in Great Britain, the British altered its spelling and pronunciation.

Sports and games word list:

A: acrobatics, aikido, archery, auto racing, auto cross
B: badminton, baseball, basketball, biathlon, bicycling, bobsledding, bowling, boxing
C: calisthenics, canoeing, card games, cricket, croquet, cross country skiing, curling
D: decathlon, discus, diving, dog racing, dressage
E: equitation
F: fencing, field hockey, figure skating, fishing, football
G: go-carting, golf
H: hammer throw, hang gliding, high jumping, hockey, horseback riding, horseshoes, hunting, hurling
I: ice dancing, ice hockey
J: jacks, jai alai, javelin throw, judo
K: karate, kayaking
L: lacrosse, luge
M: Mah-Jongg. marathon, motocross
P: poker, pole vault
R: racing, racquet ball, rugby
S: shark diving, skateboarding, skeet shooting, skiing, slalom, sled-dog racing, sledding, snowboarding, soccer, spinning, stock-car racing, swimming, sumo wrestling, surfing
T: tae kwon do, tennis, tobogganing, track, track and field
V: vaulting, volleyball
W: water skiing, weightlifting, wrestling
X: Xtreme sports
Y: yachting
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