Technology Terms Vocabulary Word List (320)

A)Access, Account, Activity, Administrative, Advantage, Advertisements, Animate, Applications, Art, Attachment, Audience
B)Back up, Bandwidth, Banner, Basics, Benefit, Blog, Blue tooth, Bookmarks, Boot up, Broadband, Browser, Bugs, Bytes
C)CAD, CAM, Camcorder, Camera, Capabilities, Capacity, Capture, Careers, CD, Cellular phone, Challenges, Chips, Click, Clip art, Codes, Compilation, Complex, Computer, Concerns, Connection, Connectivity, Cookies, Copyright, Crash, Curriculum, Cursor, Cyberspace
D)Daemon, Data, Database, Debug, Decipher, Default, Delivery, Dependency, Design, Designation, Desktop, Develop, Digital, Direction, Disadvantage, Disk, Display, Distance learning, Domain name, Download, Drag, Drive
E)E-mail, Edit, Educate, Effective, Efficiency, Efficient, Electronic, Electronics, Elements, Emerging, Encapsulate, Engage, Enhancement, Enrichment, Escape, Ethernet, Evaluate, Exact, Execute, Exemplary, Explore, Exposure
F)Face Book, Fax, Fiber optic, Field, File, Film, Firewalls, Flexibility, Floppy disk, Focus, Font, Format, Freeware, Function key
G)Geek Squad, Generate, GIF, Gradual, Graphics, Grid
H)Hackers, Hand-held, Hard disk, Hard drive, Hardware, Help desk, History, Hits, Home page, Host, House, Hypertext
I)Icons, Infiltrate, Information, Informative, Innovation, Innovative, Input, Instant messaging, Instruction, Integrate, Interface, Internet, Intranet, Investigate, Involve, IPAD, Issues
J)Job, Join, Journalism, Journalist, Joystick, JPEG, Junk mail
K)Keep track of, Keyboard, Keypad, Keyword, Kind, Knowledge
L)Landscape, Laptop, Laser, Layout, Learning, Link, Listserv, Literate, Load, Log in, Log off
M)Mainframe, Market, Material, Matrix, Measurement, Media, Media specialist, Megabyte, Memory, Message, Method, Misuse, Modem, Monitor, Mouse, Movie, Multi-tasking
N)Navigate, Networks, New, Newsgroup, Newspaper
O)Obsession, Off-line, On line, Operate, Operating system, Operation, Opportunity, Opt out, Option, Output, Overall, Overhead
P)Password, Performance, Personal, Phishing, Photography, Pixel, Popularity, Positive, Printer, Privacy, Problems, Processor, Product, Program, Programmer, Project, Projector, Promote, Protocol, Public domain, Purge
Q)Quality, Quantity, Query, Questions, Queue, Quick
R)Radio, Random, Ranking, Rate, Record, Refer, Reference, Registry, Regulate, Relevancy, Remote, Repair, Reproduce, Research, Reserve, Resolution, Resource, Retrieval, Return to sender, Revenue, Review, Rom
S)Safety, Satellite, Save, Scan, Screen, Screen saver, Script, Search, Search engine, Security, Select, Share, Skills, Software, Source, Spam, Speed, Spy-ware, Statistics, Store, Support, Surf, Symbol, System
T)Tech, Technology, Technophobic, Telecommunication, Telemarketer, Telephone, Television, Terminal, Terms, Tools, Topic, Trackball, Trivia
U)U Tube, Uncover, Understanding, Unusual, Update, Upload, User ID, User name, User-friendly, Usual
V)Value, Variety, Various, Video, Video conference, Virtual, Virus, Vision, Visual
W)Warranty, Wave, Web master, Web page, Web site, Windows, Wireless, Word, World Wide Web, Worldwide
Z)Zealous, Zoom
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