Taekwondo Vocabulary Word List (165)

A)Accomplishment, Adults, Aerobic, Ages, Appeal, Arms, Ascent, Asia, Attack, Attitude, Awe
B)Balance, Barro, Begin, Belt, Bench, Black, Block, Board breaking, Boys, Breathing, Brown
C)Cadet, Cardio, Championships, Classes, Coaching, Combat, Competition, Conduct, Contestant, Contract, Controlled, Count, Credentials, Crowd
D)Degree, Disqualification, Division, Dobok, Dojang
E)Earn, Effort, Effortless, Elbow, Enthusiasm, Ethic, Event, Exercise, Exhaustion, Exhilarating
F)Fear, Fighting, Fists, Flawless, Flexibility, Focus, Front kick
G)Gain, Gender, Girls, Gloves, Graceful, Green belt
H)High block, Honor, Hopefuls
I)Image, Impressive, Injury, Inside, Instruct, Instruction, Instructor, Interest, Intimidate
J)Judge, Jumping
K)Kicking, Kids, Knees, Knife-hand, Korea
L)Legs, Lessons, Lotus, Lotus, Low block
M)Mantra, Martial arts, Mat, Medal, Meditation, Monitor, Motion, Movement, Moves
N)National, Nerves, Ninja, Nonmartial
O)Olympics, Opponent, Outside, Overtime
P)Palm strike, Participation, Patience, Perform, Performance, Points, Poomse, Position, Preset, Propel, Protection, Punching, Push-up
Q)Qualification, Quick
R)Rank, Red, Relax, Respect, Risk, Roundhouse, Rounds, Routine, Rules
S)Scare, School, Score, Sparring, Spinning, Split, Sport, Staging area, Stance, Stop, Straight, Strenuous, Stretch, Strike, Student, Stylish, Success
T)Talent, Teach, Technique, Tension, Titles, Tournament, Training, Turning
U)Ultimate, Uniform, Upper-rank
W)White, Work, Workout, Wrap
Z)Zeal, Zone
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