Stamp collecting Vocabulary Word List (180)

A)Accumulate, Acquire, Adults, Album, Arrangement, Art, Art, Artistic, Attached, Auction, Availability, Avocation
B)Beginner, Block, Booklet, Bookstore, Bourses, Bulk, Buy
C)Cachet, Cancellation, Card, Care, Carried mail, Catalog, Cause, Celebration, Centering, Ceremonial, Children, Christmas seals, Cinderella stamps, Classic, Club, Coil, Collector, Color, Commemoration, Condition, Copyright, Cover
D)Damage, Date, Dealers, Denomination, Depict, Design, Detection, Distinct
E)Edge, Effort, Embedded, Enjoyment, Envelope, Essential, Estimate, Events, Exhibition, Expert
F)Face value, Fame, Fascination, Favorites, Featuring, Federal Duck Stamps, Fees, Female, First day covers (FDCs), Folio, Forever stamps, Forgery, Framing
G)Geographical, Global, Guide, Gum
H)Handle, Heat, Hinge, Historical, Hobby
I)Icon, Identification, Image, Individuals, Interest, International, Investment, Issue
K)Kids, Kind, Knowledge
L)Learn, Light, Location
M)Mail, Male, Markings, Mint, Mint, Moisture, Mounting
N)National, National Postal Museum, Needs, Notable, Numerous
O)Object, Offer, Options, Organizations, Overprint
P)Pane, Paper, Passion, Perforation, Philately, Plate number, Pleasure, Pocket, Postage, Postage meter, Postmark, Preservation, Prestige, Price, Print, Profile, Publication, Purchase
Q)Quality, Quantity, Questions
R)Rare, Recent, Relaxation, Removal, Reprint, Revenue, Roll, Rough
S)Se-tenant, Self-adhesive, Selvage, Serious, Show, Showcase, Soaked off, Souvenir, Souvenir sheets, Special, Speciality, Stamps, Stock book, Study, Subject, Supplies, Surcharge
T)Teenagers, The American Philatelic Society, Theme, Time, Tongs, Topical, Tradition, Tweezer, Type
U)Understanding, Unique
V)Values, Vendor, Vintage, Visible
W)Watermark, Watermark, Websites, Worth
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