Spiders Vocabulary Word List (75)

A)Abdomen, Antiseptic, Appendage, Arachnids, Arachnophobia
B)Bite, Black widow, Body, Brown recluse, Burrows
C)Carnivore, Catch, Cave, Cephalothorax, Continents, Culture
D)Daddy long legs, Danger, Danger, Deadly, Digestion
E)Eek, Eggs, Eight, Eight-legs, Ength, Enzymes, Eyes
F)Fang, Fatal, Fear, Four
G)Garden, Gargling, Glands, Ground
H)Hairy, Harmless
K)Kill, Kinds
L)Like, Liquidize, Living, Location
M)Mandible, Mites, Molt
N)Nasty, Native, Nest, Nocturnal
P)Pedicel, Pesky, Phobia, Place, Prey
R)Relationship, Reputation
S)Scorpions, Silk, Six, Species, Suck
T)Tarantula, Ticks, Trees, Two, Types
V)Variety, Venom
W)Web, Wolf spider
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There are 42,500 known species of spider on Earth. Just 20-30 spiders have venom that can be dangerous to humans.