Sommelier Vocabulary Word List (295)

A)Acceptance, Access, Accolades, Accompany, Acidity, Adhere, Advanced Sommelier Exam, Aficionado, Age-branding, Aging, Alcohol, Allure, Amount, Amplification, Appellation, Appropriate, Aroma, Attributes, Availability
B)Balance, Bar, Barrels, Base wine, Beverage, Blend, Blind tasting, Bordeaux, Bottling, Bouquet, Bracing, Brand, Brisk, Bubbles
C)Cabernet, Case, Cash flow, Cask, Cave, Certification, Chardonnay, Chateau, Chemistry, Chilled, Choices, Client, Collection, Color, Commercial, Competition, Complex, Component, Confidence, Connoisseur, Consistency, Consume, Consumer, Consumption, Content, Convert, Cork, Corkage, Courses
D)Decade, Decant, Delicious, Designation, Designation, Detect, Development, Diploma, Discerning, Disgorge, Distill, District, Dry
E)Education, Element, Elixir, Enhance, Enology, Enophile, Enthusiast, Error, Evaluate, Evaporation, Exalt, Exceptional, Excess, Expansive, Expectation, Expensive, Expert, Expertise
F)Fermentation, Filter, Flavor, Foil, Fortify, Fraction, Fruity, Full-bodied
G)Generic, Gifted, Glasses, Global, Gourmet, Grape vines, Grapes, Grower
H)Harvest, Healthy, Hearty, Hillside, History
I)Identification, Importance, Influence, Inhale, Interpret, Interpretation
J)Joy, Juice
K)Keen, Knack, Knowledge
L)Label, Lavish, Limited edition, Liquid, Liter
M)Majority, Mark-up, Market, Marketing, Master Sommelier, Mellow, Memorable, Mentor, Merit, Merlot, Moderation
N)Name, Native, Nature, Negotiant, Nuance
O)Oak, Oenology, Oenophile, Optional, Osmosis
P)Packaging, Palate, Patrons, Peak, Percent, Pinot noir, Planting, Plentiful, Popularity, Pour, Praise, Premium, Preparation, Press, Prestigious, Primary, Private-label, Producer, Production, Professional pickers, Prominent, Property, Proprietary, Protection, Prowess, Prune, Purchase, Purist, Pursue
Q)Quaff, Quality, Quantity, Query, Quest, Questions
R)Rack, Reasoning, Recommendation, Regions, Reliability, Renown, Requirement, Research, Reserve, Residual, Restaurant, Restriction, Reveal, Ripe, Ripen, Ritual, Room temperature, Rotate, Rustic
S)Sample, Sauterne, Sauvignon blanc/gris, Savory, Second-tier, Sediment, Selection, Sensitivity, Sensory, Shears, Shiraz, Showcase, Sip, Skin, Smooth, Snob, Soil, Solution, Sommelier, Source, Sparkling, Spicy, Spoilage, Spritzy, Stage, Stomp, Store, Study, Subject, Sublime, Subtle, Succulent, Sugar, Suggest, Superior, Surplus, Syrah
T)Tannin, Tart, Taste, Taster, Tasting, Technique, Temperature, Texture, Theme, Thirst, Tier, Tourism, Tweak
U)Ubiquitous, Unchilled, Uncork, Under-appreciated, Uniform, Unique, Universal, Unsubtle
V)Value, Valve, Varietal, Varieties, Verdant, Version, Vibrant, Vines, Vineyard, Vineyard, Viniculture, Vinify, Vinous, Vintage, Vitis labrusca, Vitis vinifera
W)Wages, Weather, Weight, Wine cellar, Winemaker, Winery, Winner, Withstand
Y)Yeast, Yield
Z)Zest, Zinfandel, Zing, Zip, Zone
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