Sock Monkeys Vocabulary Word List (114)

B)Benefits, Buttons, Buy
C)Characteristics, Charms, Cherish, Children, Classic, Clinic, Collaborate, Comfort, Craft, Culture
D)Decades, Decorate, Dedication, Doll
E)Embroidery thread, Enjoy, Enthusiasm, Excitement, Eyes
F)Faces, Familiarity, Fashioned, Folk art, Fox River Mills
G)Gifts, Gifts, Give, Good luck, Gray, Groups
H)Hands, Happy, History, Hose, Hospital, Huggable
I)Icon, Ideas, Ill, Important, Individual, Involvement
J)Join, Joy
K)Kids, Kitsch
L)Ladies, Likeness, Literature, Love
M)Make, Manufacture, Mascot, Material, Meetings, Monkeys, Mouths
N)Needles, Nelson Knitting Company
O)Old-fashioned, Original Rockford Red Heel Sock
P)Patience, Patient, Pom-pom, Popularity, Program, Project, Purchase
Q)Quality, Quantity
R)Recognize, Recovery, Red, Red-heel, Relationship, Repair, Responses, Ribbons
S)Scissors, Scraps, Sell, Sews, Sick, Sock monkey, Soft, Sold, Special, Stuffing, Styles, Surprise, Symbol
T)Thread, Time, Timely, Touches, Toys, Tradition, Treasure
V)Victorian, Vintage, Volunteer
W)Warmth, Weekly, Work socks, Workmanship
Y)Yarn, Young, Youth
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