Slang words and expressions Vocabulary Word List (154)

A)Atta-boy, Atta-girl
B)Babe, Baloney, Bamboozle, Barf, Barge into, Bats, Bean, Beatnik, Big shot, Bigwig, Blind date, Bloke, Blow your top, Bolix up, Booboo, Buck, Bushed
C)C-note, Chicken, Chintzy, Chump, Clip joint, Conk out, Cool it, Corny, Crackpot
D)Dame, Deadbeat, Dimwit, Dish, Donut
E)Egghead, Elbow grease
F)Fired up, Fishy, Flack, Flatfoot, Floozy, Flyboy, Fork over, Fuzzy
G)Gate-crasher, Geezer, Get lost, Get with it, Girlie, Give a bum steer, Go getter, Go-go dancer, Gold digger, Goner, Goo, Gooey, Goof off, Goon, Got his/her goat, Grind, Groovy, Grub, Gung ho, Guts, Guy
H)Hail it away, Half-baked, Have a ball, Hick, High hat, Honky dory, Hooey, Hornswoggle
J)Jam session, Jeez, Jerk, Jinx, Jug head
K)Kick the bucket, Kickback, Kid
L)Legit, Lemon, Live it up, Lousy, Lulu, Lummox
M)Meathead, Mod, Monniker, Mooch, Mooch, Moola, Moxie
N)Natch, Nervy, Nix, Nix on the ball
O)On the level, On the make, On the wagon, Oodles, Oops
P)Pad, Panty waist, Party pooper, Payola, Peach, Phony, Pizzaz, Psych out
R)Rat fink, Rat race, Raunchy, Razzle- dazzle, Rhubarb, Ritzy
S)Sack, Sad sack, Scads, Scram, Screw ball, Screw loose, Scrumptious, Shebang, Shenanigns, Shiv, Shoot the breeze, Shyster, Slaphappy, Snafu, Sound off, Square, Stash, Stool pigeon, Sucker, Swell
T)Teenybopper, Tizzy, Trip, Turn off, Turn on
W)Wacky, Weirdo, Wheeler dealer, Whodunit, Wise guy, Wise up
Y)Yack, Yap, You are off your rocker, Yuk
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