Skydiving Vocabulary Word List (85)

A)AAD (automatic activation device), Accelerate, Accuracy, AFF (accelerated free fall), Air, Altitude, Approach, Atmosphere
B)Beginner, Bravery
C)Calculation, Canopy, Cells, Changes, Chute, Cliffs, Control lines, Cord
D)Danger, Death-defying, Deploy drift, Determination, Diving, Down
E)Earth, Enthusiasm, Enthusiast, Excitement, Exit, Experience
F)Fall, Fatality, Fear, Free fall
G)Gear, Goggles, Ground-school
H)Helmet, Hurtling
I)Injury, Instructor, Intensity
J)Journey, Jumps
L)Landing, Leap, Lessons
M)Maneuver, Midair, Minutes
P)Paraffin, Plan, Plummet, Plunge, Popularity, Practice, Propel
R)Ram-air-chute, Rig, Ripcord
S)Safety, Scary, Sky, Skydiving, Space, Sped, Speed, Spin, Sport, Steering, Supervision
T)Teacher, Technology, Thrill, Training
U)USPA (US Parachute Association)
V)Vent, Versions, Veteran, View, Virgil 2+
W)Weather, Wing suit
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