Shakespeare Vocabulary Word List (235)

A)ABSTINENCE, Abuse, Actor, Actress, Admiration, Admonish, AMBITION, Ann Hathaway, Anxiety, Appeal, Artistic, Assassination, Audience, Author
B)BARD, Beauty, Betrayal, Bold, Brilliance, British
C)Calamity, Career, Cast, CAULDRON, Cause, Character, Characters, Citizen, Clout, COMEDIES, Comedy, Commonplace, Composition, Concept, Conduct, Conflict, CONSCIENCE, Conspire, Converse, Corrupt, Costume, Creator, Critical, Cruelty, Culture
D)Death, Deceive, Deception, Demanding, Despair, Device, Dialog, Disgrace, Diverse, DRAMA, Dramatic, Drunkard, Duel, Dying
E)Effect, Elizabethan, Emote, Emotion, Entertainment, Eternal, Events, Evil, Exuberant
F)Fame, Fidelity, Flourish, Focus, Foe, Foible, Foretell, Fortune, Forum, Fraud
G)Garments, Generate, Genius, Globe Theater, Goodness, Grace, Greed
H)Hatred, Haunt, Hero, Heroine, Heroism, Hidden, HISTORIES, Hope, Human, Humor
I)Identity ignominious, Imagery, IMAGINATION, Immoral, INCONSTANT, Infidelity, INFINITE, Influence, Innuendo, Interest, Interpretation
J)Judicious, Justice, Justification
K)Keen, Killer, Killing, King
L)Language, Law, Lie, Life, Literary, Literature, Lively, London, Lonely, Love, Lying, Lyric
M)Meaning, MERCY, Mistaken identity, Mistakes, Mockery, Morality
N)Narrative, Nature
O)Obsession, Opinion, Optimism, Original, Ostensible, OUTRAGEOUS
P)Pageantry, Performance, Performer, Pessimism, Philosopher, Pickpocket, Piety, Play, PLAYWRIGHT, Plot, Poem, Poet, Popularity, Portrayal, Power, Praise, Pretend, Prohibit, Props, Prose fiction
Q)Quality, Quantity, Quarto, Queen, Query, Quest
R)Rant, Reader, Reality, Reason, Religious, Repentance, Reputation, RESOLUTION, Respect, REVENGE, Rhetoric, Rivalry, Role, Romance, Royalty, Rural
S)Scene, Scenery, Scheme, Secret, Sensitivity, Setting, SHAKESPEARE, Shepherd, Sibling rivalry, Sign, Society, SOLILOQUY, SONNET, Spectator, Splendor, Sponsorship, Stage, Stratford-upon-Avon, Struggle, Suspicion, Suspicious, SYMBOLISM
T)Talent, Theater, Theatrical, Theme, Topic, TRAGEDY, Treachery, Types
U)Understanding, Unique, Universal
V)Vehement, Vengeance, Venue, Verse, Violence, Visual, Vivid, Vocabulary
W)War, Widespread, Wisdom, Woe, Works, Worry, Worthy, Wrath
Z)Zeal, Zealous, Zest
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