Sci-Fi Vocabulary Word List (231)

A)Abolish, Adventure, Affect, Alchemy, Alignment, Allegory, Alliance, Alteration, Alternatives, Animation, Anti-utopia, Appeal, Atmosphere, Atomic, Automation
B)Barren, Behavior, Bizarre, Books, Breach
C)Cause, Change, Characterization, Characters, Chemical, Cinema, Civilize, Cliffhanger, Clone, Comments, Concepts, Conductivity, Creativity, Creatures, Culture, Cyborgs
D)Danger, Death, Deed, Dense, Development, Discovery, Disease, Distant, Disturbance, Document, Dreamer, Drugs
E)Earth, Eerie, Effects, Enemy, Energy, Envision, Episode, Events, Evidence, Experiment, Experimental, Explanation, Exploration, Explosion, Exposure, Extreme
F)Fantastic, Fantasy, Far-fetched, Fighting, Films, Fire, Fireball, Flames, Force, Force field, Function, Fundamental, Futuristic
G)Galaxy, Gale, Glimpses, Gothic, Gravitation
H)Hallucinate, Herbs, Hobby, Holographic, Horror, Hypnosis, Hypothesis
I)Ideal, Identical, Identification, Illegal, Illness, Illusion, Imaginary, Imagination, Increase, Inexplicable, Influences, Inhabitant, Interpret, Investigation
J)Jargon, Judgment, Jumble
L)Law, Lawless, Legal, Literature, Lunar
M)Magic, Magnetism, Manuscript, Marvel, Marvelous, Meteors, Microbe, Miraculous, Mistakes, Monstrous, Moon, Motion, Movies, Murky, Mysterious, Myth
N)Nightmare, Nordic, Novels, Nuclear
O)Oasis, Observation, Odd, Option, Oracle, Order, Organize
P)Paralysis, Particle, Personality, Pestilence, Physical, Planet, Pleasure, Politics, Popular, Population, Potential, Potion, Prediction, Prehistoric, Preserve, Pressure, Probe, Problem, Product, Pulp, Purpose
Q)Quantity, Queasy, Quest, Questions, Quirk
R)Reaction, Realistic, Reality, Recovery, Revolutionary, Righteous, Robots
S)Safety, Salvation, Scare, Scenario, Scope, Security, Senses, Sequence, Situation, Sounds, Space, Space station, Speculative, Speed of light, Spirit, Stage, Stark, Stars, Strange, Suspense, Synthetic
T)Tale, Technology, Temperature, Tense, Theoretical, Theory, Time, Time travel, Token, Trap, Travel
U)Undercurrent, Unexplainable, Unification, Unique, Universe, Unleash, Unmanned, Urge, Utopia
V)Vacuum, Victim, Violence, Virtual, Voyage
W)Wary, Weird, Whole, Wily, Winged, Wisdom, World
X)X-ray vision
Z)Zeal, Zeitgeist
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Science Fiction highlights

1726's: Gulliver's Travels, Jonathan Swift
1752: Micromegas, Voltaire
1818: Frankenstein, Mary Shelley, Edgar Allan Poe, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Jules Verne, H.G. Wells
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Other well-known science fiction writers:

Poul Anderson, Issac Asimov, Ray Bradbury, Arthur C. Clarke, Hal Clement, Robert A. Heinlein, Theodore Sturgeon, L. Sprague de Camp, Lester del Rey, H.G. Wells

Television: Star Trek= 1966-1969
Cinema: Star Wars