SAT test prep puzzles Vocabulary Word List (181)

A)Abject, Abstract, Acrimonious, Acumen, Aesthetic, Affinity, Affluence, Aficionado, Alacrity, Alchemy, Ambiance, Analogous, Apathy, Arbitrary, Avatar
B)Benevolent, Bourgeois
C)Candid, Capricious, Chaparral, Chicanery, Clairvoyant, Cognizant, Cognoscente, Complacent, Compulsory, Conciliatory, Conjecture, Connoisseur, Conspicuous
D)Deleterious, Destitute, Deviate, Devious, Dilettante, Diligent, Discernible, Disdain, Disparage, Disseminate, Diverse, Dogmatic
E)Eccentric, Embryonic, Emulate, Enigma, Entomologist, Epiphany, Erudite, Exonerate, Expedite, Extricate
F)Facetious, Fallacious, Fortuitous, Futile
H)Hackneyed, Homogeneous
I)Imbroglio, Impeccable, Impervious, Impetuous, Incessant, Incognito, Incorrigible, Indefatigable, Indifferent, Indigenous, Indolent, Industrious, Inevitable, Innocuous, Inquisitive, Insatiable, Insatiable, Insecticide, Insidious, Integrity, Iridescent
J)Jocular, Judicious, Juggernaut, Junta
K)Kindle, Kinetic
L)Larvae, Lethargy, Loquacious, Ludicrous, Lugubrious
M)Malaise, Metamorphosis, Meticulous, Mitigate, Morose, Mundane
N)Nemesis, Nihilism, Nirvana, Nocturnal, Novice
O)Obscure, Obsequious, Oscillate, Ostensible, Ostentatious
P)Palpable, Pandemonium, Paradigm, Peccadillo, Penitent, Pertinent, Plausible, Pollinate, Precipitous, Precocious, Prerogative, Prevaricate, Proboscis, Propensity, Provocative
Q)Quarantine, Querulous, Quiescent
R)Raconteur, Ramification, Rapacious, Recalcitrant, Recant, Reclusive, Recrimination, Rectify, Redolent, Redundant, Refutable, Regressive, Relegate, Relinquish, Remonstrate, Reparation, Replenish, Repose, Reprehensible, Repudiate, Requisite, Resilient, Resolute, Reticent, Reverence, Rigorous, Rudimentary
S)Sanguine, Scrutinize, Sedentary, Soporific, Spontaneous, Squander, Stringent, Subterranean, Succinct, Superficial, Surreptitious
T)Terse, Theoretical, Trepidation, Truncate
U)Ubiquitous, Ubiquitous, Unctuous, Unobtrusive, Unscrupulous
V)Vacuous, Vignette, Vindictive, Virtuoso, Virulent
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