Sailing Vocabulary Word List (179)

A)Abeam, Aboard, Account, Activity, Admiralty Law, Adrift, Afloat, Aft, Aground, Ahoy, Alee, Aloft, Amateurs, America's Cup, Anchor, Anemometer, Angle, Argosy, Auxiliary, Avoid
B)Bail, Ballast, Batten, Beached, Bearing, Becalmed, Belay, Berth, Boat, Boom, Bowsprit, Boys, Brine, Bulkhead, Buoy, Burgee
C)Calculation, Capsize, Captain, Celestial, Centerboard, Certification, Championship, Children, Clew, Clubs, Coast, Coast Guard, Cockpit, Compass, Competition, Crew, Current
D)Danger, Deck, Depth, Drift
E)Effort, Enjoyment, Equipment, Experience
F)Fathoms, Fittings, Flag, Flotation, Flotsam, Forestay, Forward
G)Gaff, Galley, Gimball, Girls, Gybing
H)Halyard, Harbor, Harbor master, Hard alee, Harness, Headway, Heavy weather
J)Jetty, Jib, Jute
K)Keel, Ketch, Knots, Knowledge
L)Latitude, Launch, League, Leak, Lighthouse, Longitude, Lose, Loss, Luff
M)Marine, Mast, Mate, Men, Meticulous, Mizzen, Mooring
N)Nautical, Naval, Navigation
O)Ocean, Oilskins, Option, Overboard
P)Pennant, Pilot, Pleasure, Prevention, Professionals, Propel, Propulsion, Protection, Pulpit
Q)Quadrant, Qualification, Quay
R)Race, Radar, Reach, Recreation, Regatta, Registration, Regulation, Restful, Rigging, Rudder
S)Safety, Sailor, Sails, Schooner, Sea, Seafaring, Seaworthy, Shipshape, Shrouds, Signal, Skills, Sloop, SOS, Speed, Spinnaker, Starboard, Stern, Strategy, Surf, Swell, Systems
T)Tack, Teams, Tell, Tide, Trim, Types
V)Vertical, Vessel, Visibility
W)Water, Waves, Weekend, Wharf, Whitecap, Win, Winch, Wind, Wind vane, Women
Y)Yacht, Yard, Youth
Z)Zephyr, Zone
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