RootByRoot Subject Themes Vocabulary Word List (85)

A)Animal Habitats, April Fools, Autumn
B)Back to School, Baseball, Bastille Day, Bees and Flowers, Benjamin Franklin
C)CA Gold Rush, Chinese New Year, Christmas, Cinco de Mayo, Columbus Day, Comedy Night, Constitution Day
E)Earth Day, Earth Day-Water, Easter Sunday, Easter-Palm Sunday, Eclipse and Space, Election, Elvis Presley
F)Fall Equinox, Fall Harvest, Fall Leaves, Fathers Day, Fire Safety, Fishing, Flag Day, Football Season, Full Moon
G)Gardening-Flowers, Geography, Golf, Graduation, Groundhogs Day
H)Halloween, Holocaust, Horse Racing, Hurricanes
I)Ice Cream, Income Tax Day 4/15, Investment Words
J)July 4th
K)Kentucky Derby
L)Labor Day, Latin Roots (16)
M)March Madness, Mardi Gras, Math: Pi Day 3/14, Mathematics, Memorial Day, MLK Jr. Day, Mothers Day, Music
N)New Years Day, Nine Eleven-911, Nutrition
O)Oceans, Oktoberfest, Olympics-Summer, Olympics-Winter, Oscar Awards
P)Pearl Harbor, Photography, Presidents Day
S)Sailing, Saint Patricks Day, Shakespeare, Spring Equinox, Summer Insects, Summer Solstice
U)U.S. Bill of Rights
V)Vacation, Vacation-Cruise, Valentines Day, Veterans Day
W)Weddings, Winter Weather, Wizard Words, Wright Brothers
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