Resolutions-New Years Vocabulary Word List (198)

A)Abstinence, Achieve, Act, Actuality, Acute, Adhering, Adjust, Advice, Advise, Affect, Aid, Aim, Alteration, Analysis, Analyze, Anxiety, Ardor, Assist, Attainable, Attempt, Attitude, Audacious, Avoid
B)Backbone, Behavior, Bent on, Bogus, Brave
C)Can do, Capitulate, Careful, Cautious, Certainty, Change, Circumstances, Cling to, Commitment, Committed, Compute, Concede, Conclude, Consistent, Constant, Consult, Conviction, Courage, Curtail
D)Deadline, Decide, Decided, Decision, Decisive, Definition, Definitive, Denial, Depth, Design, Determination, Determined, Differences, Difficult, Direction, Discovery, Dissolve, Dogged, Drive
E)Effect, Effort, Errors, Evaluate
F)Fact, Factor, Factual, Failure, Fantasy, Feedback, Fervor, Figure out, Firm, Fixed, Focus, Forsake
G)Goal, Grit
H)Help, Hope, Horizon, How to
I)Ideal, Ideas, Impossible, Improve, Indulge, Influence, Intend to, Intent, Intention, Interest, Intrepid, Irresistible, Irrevocable
J)Joke, Judge, Judgment
L)Lapse, Likely, List
M)Matter, Meaning, Mete, Mishap, Mistakes
N)Nail down, Naive, Necessary, Need, Negative, Network, New, Nonsense, Noteworthy, Noticeable, Notion, Number, Numerous, Nurture
O)Objective, Obligation, Outcome, Overtone
P)Pinpoint, Plan, Plethora, Positive, Possible, Practical, Preoccupied, Probable, Proclaim, Proclamation, Procrastinate, Provoking, Purpose, Pursue, Pursuit
Q)Quantity, Quest
R)Reach, Reachable, Real, Realistic, Realization, Reconcile, Resist, Resistance, Resolute, Resources, Restriction, Results
S)Scope, Set down, Shrewd, Solve, Specific, Spirit, Staunch, Steady, Sternly, Strength, Strive, Strive, Stubborn, Stubbornly, Study, Sturdy, Successful
T)Tangible, Target, Temptations, Tempting, Thought, Toll, Trial
U)Ultimate, Unattainable, Unrealistic, Unshaken
V)Veritable, Volition, Vow
W)Will, Willing, Win, Worry
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Resolutions Lesson Plans and Discussion Ideas:
1. Name some RESOLUTIONS you will make this year.
2. Why did you choose them? How do you expect to keep them?

3. Describe feelings of successful resolutions

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