Reefs Vocabulary Word List (123)

A)Acidification, Algae, Algae, Alive, Animals, Anthozoa, Atmosphere
B)Beauty, Behavior, Biodiversity, Biology, Bleaching
C)Calcareous, Carbon dioxide, Centuries, Chain, Clarity, Climate, Coastal, Col mining, Colonies, Color, Conch, Coral
D)Dance, Dangers, Density, Depths, Digging, Discovery, Divers, Diversity
E)Ejections, Encounter, Energy, Environment, Exoskeleton, Exploitation, Extraction
F)Fertilizer, Fish
G)Great Barrier Reef, Greenhouse gases, Growth
H)Historical, Human
I)Impact, Imperforate, Injury, Invertebrates, Investigate, Islands
L)Lethal, Life, Light, Living, Living
M)Marine, Measurements, Mid-Pacific, Minerals, MPA (Marine Protected Areas)
N)Naturalists, Navigation, Numbers, Numerous, Nutrients
O)Observations, Ocean, Organisms, Overfishing, Oxygen
P)Park-like, Perforate, Peril, Petroleum, Photosynthesis, Phylum, Pigment, Plankton, Pollution, Polyp, Protection
R)Reef, Rocks
S)Scale, Scientific, Scrutiny, Scuba, Sea, Sea level, Seaweed, Shallows, Shells, Ships, Shoals, Skeleton, Snorkeling, Southeast, Spawning, Species, Sponge, Strike, Subtropical, Sunlight, Surface, Survival, Survivor, Sway, System
T)Tectonics, Tentacles, Tourism, Tropical, Tuna, Turtle
V)Vast, Viewing
W)Waters, Wreck
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