Redwood and Sequoia Trees Vocabulary Word List (124)

A)Affect, Age, Amazing, Ancient, Answers, Area, Atmosphere, Awe
C)California, Carbon dioxide, Care, Centuries, Change, Circumference, Climate, Climb, Coastal, Coasts, Conservation, Core, Coring
D)Decades, Decline, Despite, Die, Discoveries, Documentation, Drought
E)Effect, Environment, Existence, Experts
F)Fire, Floods, Flourish, Fog
G)Giant, Giant, Globe, Groves, Growth
H)Harness, Historical, Hyperion
I)Iconic, Increase, Indications, Irrigation, Isotopes
L)Largest, Levels, Light, Limbs, Location
M)Maps, Massive, Measurements, Micro-climate, Millions, Moisture
N)Natural, Nature, Notice, Numbers, Numerous
O)Obstacles, Old, Oldest, Optimism
P)Parasites, Pessimism, Pioneering, Place, Planet, Precipitation, Preservation, Project
Q)Quality, Quest
R)Rates, Recourse, Region, Research, Roots
S)Samples, Saplings, Scientists, Seasons, Sentinel, Size, Smoke, Snow pack, Soaring, Soil, Spectacle, Stately, Study, Surge, Surge, Survival, Sustainable
T)Tall, Temperatures, Thrive, Timeless, Top, Treetop, Trunk
V)Value, Venerable, Vigorous, Visitors
W)Warming, Water, Winds, Wood, World
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Coast Redwood Sites include:
Armstrong Redwoods State Reserve,
Big Basin Redwoods State Reserve,
Humboldt Redwoods State Park,
Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park,
Montgomery Woods State Reserve,
Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park,
Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park,
Redwood National Park,

Giant Sequoias: Calaveras Big Trees State Park
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