Rasputin Vocabulary Word List (143)

A)Adviser, Affect, Alexandra Feodorovna, Alexei, Allegiance, Archduchess, Archduke, Aristocracy, Army, Assassination, Assumption, August, Authority, Awe
B)Bearded, Bearing, Beliefs, Birthright, Brother Makary
C)Charisma, Charlatan, Children, Cold, Consequences, Control, Controversial, Corpse, Corruption, Crown, Cunning, Czar
D)Darkness, Declaration, Despair, Detest, Disconcerting, Dmitri, Domination, Downfall, Duma, Dynasty
E)Effect, Empire, Enemies, Events, Exclusion, Extravagance
F)Faith Healer, Family, Figure head, Finery
G)Grigori Rasputin, Guide
H)Haggard, Hatred, Help, Hemophilia, Heretic, High standing, Historical, Holy Man, Homage, Hypnotic
I)Illiterate, Imperial, Influence, Insane, Interest, Intrigue
K)King, Knowledge
L)Laws, Legend
M)Mad Monk, Magic, Malign, Maria, Men, Monarch, Monarchy, Monastery, Monster, Murder, Mystery, Mystic, Myths
N)Nicholas ii
O)Obligation, Obsession, Occult, Opulence
P)Palace, Palatial, Peasant, People, Perilous, Pilgrimages, Position, Power, Prayer, Prestige, Prince, Princess, Privilege, Purple
R)Regime, Religion, Resistance, Righteous, Roi, Romanov, Ruler, Russian
S)Secrets, Self-educated, Siberia, Sinister, Speech, Stare, Status, Subjects, Success, Supreme, Surveillance, System
T)Tension, Throne, Title, Trust, Tsar, Tsarevich
U)Upside Down, Upstart
V)Vanity, Varvara, Villain
W)Wanderer, Wartime, Wild
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