Railroads and Trains Vocabulary Word List (249)

A)Abandon, Accident, Adequate, Aid, All aboard!, All-clear, Amtrak, Appeal, Automation, Axle
B)Ballast, Bankrupt, Baron, Billow, Blocks, Blue-collar, Boiler, Bolt, Brake, Brakeman, Branch line, Buff
C)Cab, Caboose, Call, Cargo, Carry, Cars, Chugged, Circuit, Cities, Class, Clerk, Coaches, Coal, Colored-light, Comfort, Communication, Commute, Commuter, Competition, Conductor, Conglomerate, Connect, Consolidation, Container, Controls, Coolies, Corporation, Costs, Coupler, Crew, Cross-tie, Crossing, Culture, Curve
D)Denim, Derail, Detection, Device, Diesel, Dining car, Direction, Discontinue, Disputes, Distance, Double-deck, Downhill
E)Efficient, Electric, Elevated, Engine, Engineer, Equipment, Express, Extend, Extent
F)Fast, Fast-track, Federal, Finances, Fireman, Fish-plate, Flange, Flatcar, Freight, Frontier, Fuel, Future
G)Gangs, Gas-turbine, Gauge, Government, Grade, Grant
H)Hauling, Heavy, High-speed, Historical, History, Hobby, Hopper car, Hotbox, Hydraulics
I)Immigrants, Industry, Inefficient, Inspection, Interchange, Intercity
J)Jam, Job, Joint bar, Journal box, Journey, Junction
K)Keen, Keep
L)Label, Labor, Linking, Locomotive, Long-distance, Luxurious
M)Machinery, Mail, Main-line, Maintenance, Major, Mediate, Merge, Metro, Metro-liner, Model, Money, Monopoly, Monorail, Multiple track
N)Network, Nonstop
O)Oil-burning, Operation, Order, Overall, Overheat, Overuse
P)Passenger, Passion, Piggyback service, Popular, Power, Precaution, Private car, Profit, Provide, Public, Puff, Pull, Pullman
Q)Quality, Quantity, Query, Quest
R)Rail car, Railroad, Rails, Rate, Redirect, Refrigeration, Registration, Regulate, Repair, Retarder, Rights, Roadbed, Rolling stock, Route, Run, Running
S)Safety, Scanner, Seats, Security, Semaphore, Serve, Service, Settlers, Shape, Shipping, Shop, Sidings, Sight see, Signal, Size, Sleek, Sleeping car, Smoke, Speed, Spike, Stable, Standard, Standard, Station, Steam, Steam-power, Steel, Stop, Strength, Strike, Subway, Switch, System
T)Technology, Terminal, TGV, Ticket, Toil, Tough, Town, Track, Traffic, Transcontinental, Transportation, Traveler, Tunnel
U)Uncouple, Unions, Unprofitable, Uphill
V)Vanderbilt, Vibration, Vision, Vital
W)Weather, Weight, Weld, Westward, Wheel, Whistle, Whistle stop, Work rules, Worker, Worldwide, Worn, Wreck
Z)Zeal, Zephyr
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Do you know these facts about railroads and trains?
Kinds of cars on passenger trains: baggage, bar, chair, club, dining, dome, lounge, parlor, sleeping, tavern
Trains cross, valleys, mountain ranges, plains, rivers, bodies of water, hills, steep grades

Railroads and Trains Initials stand for:
TRAIN= Telerail Automated Information Network
ACI = Automatic Car Identification
CTC =Centralizes Traffic Control
ICC = Interstate Commerce Commission

Large line-haul companies: Burlington Northern, Inc., ConRail, the Atchinson, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway; the Southern Pacific Company and the Missouri Pacific System
Unions: Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers, Brotherhood of Railroad Signalmen, etc.

Railroads and Trains Lesson Plans and Discussion ideas:
1. How did railroads change the frontier?
2. Explain the Tom Thumb race
3. Discuss the significance of Promontory, UT in 1869
4. How did ConRail come into being?
5. Discuss three types of transportation
6. Railroads provide passenger and freight service Discuss and expand upon the differences. offers more than 565 word lists. To see Transportation word lists, please go to the home page for word games, interactive word puzzles and theme content that align with Common Core Standards. 2500 pages of free content are available only online without ads, registration or fees.