Quincinera Vocabulary Word List (193)

A)Accessories, Adolescence, Adulthood, Album, Anticipation, Associate, Atmosphere, Authentic, Awe
B)Band, Banquet, Beans, Behavior, Birthday, Blessing, Bold, Bouquet, Boutonniere, Bride-like, Butterflies
C)Cacophony, Carefree, Catering, Catholic, Celebrant, Celebration, Centerpiece, Ceremony, Chambelan, Chicano, Church, Circumstance, Clamor, Community, Conversion, Costs, Creative, Crowd, Culmination, Culture, Customs
D)Dancing, Daughter, Decoration, Demonstrations, Devotion, Dress up, Dresses, Drink
E)Ecstatic, Elaborate, Entertainment, Enthusiasm, Escort, Ethics, Event, Exceptional, Exorbitant, Expectant, Expectation, Expensive, Extravagance, Extravaganza
F)Faith, Family, Fancy dress, Favors, Festive, Festivities, Festoon, Fifteen, Flowers, Food, Friends, Frock
G)Genuine, Gifts, Girls, Glitzy, Gourmet, Grand, Guests
H)Heritage, Hispanic, Honor, Hoorah
I)Imaginative, Individuality, Induct, Innovative, Inspirational, Intense, Invitations
J)Jocular, Joy, Joyful, Jubilant
L)Ladies, Laughter, Lavish, Legitimacy, Limousine
M)Manicure, Mariachi, Mass, Memento, Merrymaking, Mexican, Music
O)Occasion, Opportunity, Orchids, Outfit, Ovation
P)Parade, Parish, Party, Passage, Pastor, Phenomenon, Photographs, Planning, Popular, Practice, Prayer, Preparation, Priest, Primly, Princess, Priority, Prom-style
Q)Quality, Quantity, Quintessential
R)Readings, Reception, Recognition, Religion, Renew, Responsive, Rite, Role
S)Sermon, Sharing, Souvenir, Special, Spectacle, Spirit, Spiritual, Success, Successful, Sumptuous, Surprise, Symbol
T)Tantalize, Teamwork, Teen, Tenacious, Theme, Trademark, Tradition, Traditional, Treasure, Tuxedo, Typical
U)Ultimate, Unfolding, Unique, Unity, Unity, Usher
V)Valid, Video, Vigilant, Vigorous, Visible
W)Waltz, Waving, Welcoming, Willingness, Woman, Worthwhile, Worthy
Y)Yearning, Yelling, Young, Youthful
Z)Zealous, Zest
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