Prisons Vocabulary Word List (225)

A)Accommodations, Accountability, Activity, Advocate, Affect, Appropriation, Arrest, Assigned, Attempt, Authority
B)Beatings, Behavior, Breach, Brutal, Budget, Building, Bunks
C)Caged, Capture, Cell, Cell block, Cell mate, Chapel, Classes, Commission, Communities, Concrete, Conditions, Confession, Confinement, Confiscate, Consequences, Constraint, Control, Controversial, Conversion, Convict, Cops, Corrections, County, Courses, Court, Crime, Criminal, Culture, Custody
D)Danger, Data, Death row, Deed, Department, Detachment, Detain, Detection, Detention, Devastating, Diploma, Discipline, Disregard, District, Dungeon, Duties
E)Early release, Education, Effect, Emergency, Enforcement, Escape, Execution, Exercise, Expectation
F)Facility, Federal, Felons, Fence, Fighting, Food, Full-scale
G)Gangs, Gas chamber, Gate, Guard, Guidance
H)Hanging, Harm, Harsh, Health, Heinous, High-risk, History, Honor program, Hostage, Housing
I)Improvement, Incarceration, Incorrigible, Infirmary, Informant, Injuries, Inmates, Inspection, Instigator, Institution, Investigate, Investment
J)Jail, Judicial, Jumpsuit, Jurisdiction, Justice, Justified
K)Keys, Killing
L)Land, Law enforcement, Laws, Legal, Legislation, Library, Location, Lock down, Lock up
M)Mandate, Men, Mental illness, Monitor
N)National, Negligent, Non-violent, Normalcy
O)Offender, Offense, Officers, Officials, Operation, Opinion, Orange, Outdoors, Outlaw, Outrage, Overcrowding, Overhaul
P)Parole, Passion, Penal, Penitentiary, Policy, Poor, Population, Prevention, Prison, Privacy, Privilege, Procedure, Process, Professional, Progress, Prosecutor, Public, Punishment
R)Razor sharp, Re-offend, Ready room, Recapture, Recidivism, Record, Recreation, Region, Rehabilitation, Release, Requirement, Restriction, Retrofit, Riot, Robber, Rules
S)Safety, Schooling, Screen, Search, Security, Seize, Sentence, Serious, Serving, Skills, Smoking, Solitary, Solution, Sorry, Standards, State, Statewide, Status, Suicide, System
T)Tattoos, Time served, Torture, Toughness, Tower, Training, Transfer, Transgression, Trusty
U)Unharmed, Uniforms, Unjust
V)Victims, Violation, Violence, Visitation, Visitors
W)Walls, Warden, Watchtower, Women, Workforce, Wounds
Z)Zeal, Zone
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